A Coherent Guide – Transfer Your Phone Data With Ease From Android To IPhone

Wondershare MobileTrans is an innovative tool specifically designed to transfer any data from one device to another with ease. In this era of digital evolution, every individual wishes to have the best for making their digital experience memorable. Just like this, many Android users want to transfer from Android to iPhone because of inventive and modern features and marvelous camera results.

If one wishes to transfer from Android to iPhone, they have to do a general phone to phone transfer, and that’s where MobileTrans can assist you. Whether you wish to transfer images, songs, and playlists, or if you wish to transfer messages from Android to iPhone, this tool can help you with everything. Let’s look at this tool’s features briefly so you can understand it clearly.

Part 1: Phone-to-Phone Data Transfer – Wondershare MobileTrans Featuring the Best Tools

Sharing data between phones that are operating on different platforms is indeed a tricky process, but any user can transfer data between different devices smoothly with MobileTrans – Phone Transfer. The modern technology used in this software can handle any transfer without any restriction to format or file size. This tool transfers data from one device to another in a secure environment without overwriting the existing data.

Moreover, compared with other data-transferring software, the interface of this tool is very user-friendly, and the transferring speed is very fast. Above that, you don’t have to transfer all files one by one manually, just choose the type of file and make the transfer with one click. Let us tell you simple steps by which you can transfer data from phone to phone efficiently:

Step 1: Launch MobileTrans On The PC

To begin, install Wondershare MobileTrans on your device, and from its home, select the “Phone Transfer” option. You will see the “Phone Transfer” options on your screen, and proceed with the “Phone-to-Phone” option.

Step 2: Connect Both Phones to the PC

For transferring, connect both phones to your PC, and here you will see the source and destination devices. The source should be Android, and the destination should be iPhone. If they are in the wrong place, click on “Flip” to switch them.

Step 3: Choose Data and Begin Transferring

Choose the type of data you want to transfer and click on the “Start” button, and once transferring begins, do not disconnect the phone. In order to erase data from the tool before transferring, click on “Clear data before copy.”

Part 2: How Can I Transfer My Playlists from One Phone to Another?

Never lose your favorite playlist even when you change mobiles, and stick to your playlists by transferring them to your new phone with a playlist transfer tool like MobileTrans. With MobileTrans – Playlist Transfer, you can efficiently move your playlists on your new phone, whether it’s on Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube Music. This data transferring tool is non-tech savvy and very easy to operate, so you don’t have to master any precise skill in order to do transfers.

Moreover, anyone can install it on their Windows and Mac device for free, and once you’ve installed this tool, you can transfer your playlist without Wi-Fi. Wondershare MobileTrans is an easy, efficient, and secure data-transferring software, so don’t worry about your playlist, as it’ll be accessible only to you. Here are some of the simple steps you have to follow to transfer playlists from one phone to another:

Step 1: Access MobileTrans Toolbox

Initially, you have to launch the MobileTrans interface on your device, and from its toolkit, go to “More.” Here you will see the “Playlist Transfer” option; simply click on it to transfer playlists.

Step 2: Select the Music Streaming Service

From here, you have to select and sign into the music platforms you wish to make the transfer from and make the transfer in. Please make sure you choose them in the right order.

Step 3: Start Sharing Playlists

In this step, you have to initiate the process by clicking on the “Start” button. Make sure you don’t close the interface while MobileTrans transfers the playlists. You can see progress on the screen, which includes the information about playlists that are completely transferred and how many songs are transferred from a particular playlist.


After reading this article, we hope you can transfer your phone’s entire data and playlist from your old device to a new one without leaving anything important behind. Download and install Wondershare MobileTrans today because it is an exceptional, feature-rich tool that can make your digital experience to the edge of satisfaction.

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