Amazon discounts Echo Alexa devices, tablets, smart TVs, Kindle and Fire sticks

Amazon echo alexa

The Echo (Alexa) Show 5 comes in three colors.

Amazon is adding to its pre-Father’s Day electronics sale and lowering prices on devices such as Echo Dots and Echo Shows (think Alexa), as well as tablets, TVs and other smart household devices. On Friday they lowered prices on Amazon’s Blink home security systems. All will be on sale through Sunday, June 19, 2022.

Echo devices

Amazon echo dot kids

The Echo (Alexa) dot for children comes with parental controls.

  • If you’re an Alexa fan, you have a choice of eight discounted devices that handle functions like music, list-keeping, timers, calendars, trivia and so much more. Sale products include the low-profile 3rd generation 2018 Echo Dot ($ 24.99, originally $ 39.99) and the 4th generation Echo Dot for children ($ 34.99, originally $ 59.99), which comes with panda or tiger graphics.
  • Three Echo Show devices, with screens, are discounted, including the 2nd generation Echo show 5 ($ 49.99, originally $ 84.99) and the 1st generation Echo show 8 ($ 69.99, originally $ 109.99). The show 8 has a better camera for video calling.


Amazon Fire tablet

A keyboard case is an add-on accessory for the Amazon HD 10 Fire tablet.

  • Amazon is offering children’s tablets as part of the sale. The Fire 7 Kids tablet for ages 3 to 7 ($ 49.99, originally $ 99.99) has 16 GB of memory and comes in a child-proof case. Meanwhile, the newest tablet is the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet for ages 6 to 12 ($ 139.99, originally $ 199.99). It has 32 GB of memory and comes in four colors. All have parental controls.
  • Five adult tablets are on sale. The oldest is the Fire 7 tablet released in 2019), ($ 39.99, originally $ 49.99), which has a 7-inch display and 16 GB of memory. The newest in sale is the Fire HD 10 tablet released in 2021 ($ 119.99, originally $ 189.99) with a 10.1-inch screen and 64 GB of memory.


Amazon kindle kids

Amazon’s Kindle Kids is designed for children and comes with parental controls.

  • Built specifically for reading, the newest Kindles have weeks of battery life. The adult Kindle with a front light ($ 59.99, originally $ 89.99) has 8 GB of storage. The Kindle Kids with parental controls ($ 64.99, originally $ 109.99) include one year of Amazon Kids +, a kid-friendly cover, and two-year guarantee.


Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s Fire TV with Alexa voice control has five sizes on sale.

Amazon Fire TV smart TVs aren’t like other televisions. Among various features is the ability to use voice control to launch apps, search for TV shows, play music, switch inputs, control compatible smart home devices and more. This week’s sale includes:

TV accessories

Amazon fire stick

This Fire TV stick streaming device uses Alexa voice remote.

  • Fire TV Recast DVR ($ 204.99, originally $ 279.99) lets you record and watch over-the-air TV at home with Fire TV or Echo Show, or on-the-go with a compatible mobile device.
  • Amazon Fire sticks and the Fire TV cube enable fast streaming and several are on sale. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max streaming device ($ 44.99, originally $ 54.99) is the most powerful streaming stick and includes Alexa voice remote. Meanwhile, the Amazon Fire TV Cube streaming device ($ 69.99, originally $ 119.99) is the overall most powerful Fire TV streaming media player. Get familiar with streaming.

Household smart devices

Amazon echo glow

The Amazon Echo glow can be voice-controlled with an Echo (Alexa) device.

  • Echo Glow Smart lamp for kids ($ 19.99, originally $ 29.99) requires an Echo (Alexa) device for voice operations. Use its rainbow-colored lighting to set timers and reminders for children.
  • Smart Air Quality Monitor ($ 55.99, originally $ 69.99) helps track and measure five key factors in indoor air quality. These include particulate matter, volatile organic compounds carbon monoxide, humidity and temperature. Review factors on an app.
  • Smart Thermostat ($ 47.99, originally $ 59.99) helps reduce heating and cooling costs. It can be voice controlled when paired with an Echo (Alexa) device.

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