Among Us VR launch trailer finally shows off imposter kills

What you need to know

  • Among Us VR pre-orders have opened on the Quest Store. The game launches on November 10 for Quest, Rift, and Steam with cross-play enabled.
  • Pre-ordering the $9.99 game gets you a Mini Crewmate hat in-game.
  • A 4-10-player social multiplayer experience, Among Us VR recreates the gameplay of the original game while adding 3D animations and proximity chat.

Schell Games, the developer behind I Expect You to Die 2 and Lost Recipes, is finally bringing Among Us VR to Oculus Quest after announcing the game last December. The developer very slowly revealed gameplay over the course of the year, with trailers showing how The Skeld and its crewmate tasks were lovingly recreated in VR, along with some new VR-specific tasks. But we never saw what playing as an imposter would be like until now.

In the trailer, revealed during Tuesday’s Meta Connect event, you see how the imposter can watch crewmates through vents or travel through them to other parts of the ship, with cute murderous sketches showing where the vents will take imposters. You can also pull up a sabotage map to disrupt crewmates’ tasks, although you might look suspicious standing still and pointing at it if you’re not careful.

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