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Connie Owen sent a photo of a pair of bald eagles standing guard over their nest at Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore. “There are three juveniles, as big as their parents,” Owen wrote.

Denise Rix sent a photo of an osprey taking a break on a post while out collecting food for its newborn at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia Beach.

John Radd photographed a brown pelican in flight at Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina.

Reuben Rohn spotted a black tern in its breeding plumage at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia Beach. “Its breeding plumage makes it starkly stand out from other local terns that are mainly white in color,” Reuben wrote.

Jim Melchor photographed a great blue heron spreading its wings while sunning itself at the Hermitage Museum and Gardens in Norfolk.

Frederick Curry photographed a green heron at Mount Trashmore Park in Virginia Beach. “I’ve never seen this species at the Mount Trashmore Lake area,” Curry wrote.

Joseph Robbins sent a photo of a yellow-crowned night heron standing straight and tall at the edge of the marsh at the Rose Hall neighborhood in Virginia Beach.

Benjamin Gerber photographed a pair of Canada geese and the babies at Lone Star Lakes in Suffolk. “It’s so cool that the babies are laying down by the mom,” Gerber wrote.

Mike Weirich got a photo of an eastern kingbird on West Neck Creek in Virginia Beach. The kingbird “was in a cypress tree going from branch to branch eating whatever bugs were in the tree,” Weirich wrote.

Jonathan Snyder photographed a male bluebird feeding her baby in his backyard at the Sawyers Mill neighborhood in Chesapeake.

Steve Daniel happened upon a striking blue grosbeak perched on a branch during a walk at Pleasure House Point in Virginia Beach.

Jane Hughey sent a photo of a parent brown thrasher and its teenager at her feeder in the Indian River area of ​​Chesapeake. “I noticed the teenager’s eyes have not changed colors yet,” wrote Hughey. The irises of the juveniles are olive and turn yellow as they mature.

Mike Chin spotted a large male luna moth on his front doorstep in the Pine Ridge neighborhood in Virginia Beach.

Beverly Hills sent a photo of a grasshopper that was hanging out on her recycling bin in Kings Grant in Virginia Beach. “Grasshoppers freak me out but I have to admit he’s quite handsome,” Hills wrote.

Carolyn Atherholt spotted a green anole living on her porch and catching a ride on the back of a swan statue in the Witchduck Point neighborhood in Virginia Beach.

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Stacy Kucharczk found a little green treefrog resting in one of her daylilies in the Fentress area of ​​Chesapeake. “He was quite content, not moving even when I stopped to hand pollinate the bloom,” wrote Kucharczk.

Steve Fox and his wife spotted a huge lizard near Trantwood Elementary School in Virginia Beach. “It appears to be a central bearded dragon lizard, native to Australia, ”wrote Fox.

Cindy Morrison photographed yellow-bellied sliders swimming beneath the surface of the pond in the Ridgley Manor neighborhood in Virginia Beach.

Marny Sanders found a large snapping turtle that showed up on her driveway in the Sandbridge area of ​​Virginia Beach. “It certainly seems plausible she has taken advantage of the soft sandy soil under my backyard shed, and has possibly laid her eggs there,” Sanders wrote.

Mark Whitney was startedled by a camouflaged canebrake rattlesnake while running along the Great Dismal Swamp Canal Trail in Chesapeake.

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