Best Ways to Make Money with Your Phone without Investment

Did you know that smartphones provide a good range of opportunities to earn good money? With your mobile phone at hand, you can either start a new career or learn new skills. Not sure how to start earning by using your smartphone? We can help you out! Here you can find information about the ways to make money with your smartphone. The most popular ones are:

· Online jobs & internships

· Playing online casino games

But you can find the way that works for you best. Just keep reading!

Sell ​​things online

Do you have anything that you no longer use? Perhaps, you are good at handmade good craft? If so, feel free to sell them online! Platforms like Amazon or Etsy allow selling goods safely and conveniently. You can take photos of the stuff you want to sell online also by using your mobile phone.

Earn on Instagram

Apart from selling goods on Amazon and Etsy, you can also make money on Instagram. It takes a few quick steps. First, you should create a business account and post pictures and videos of your products or services there. Secondly, to be visible to a wider audience, you can use hashtags and run ads to promote your account. And last but not least, you can conclude a partnership with other businesses or individuals that have a large number of followers on Instagram to promote each other’s accounts.

The other things to do to start making money on Instagram

1. Choose a niche.

Which photos do you want to share with the world? Are you into fashion or travel photography? Perhaps, you want to share photos of your craft or meals? Whatever it is, make sure it’s something interesting for you that makes you feel passionate about it.

2. Set up your account.

Once the niche is chosen, set up an account and start loading photos. If you have a website or blog, make sure your profile includes a link to it. Also, provide your contact information in the bio section. That way, people can easily make contact with you if they want to buy something.

3. Grow the number of your followers

The most important thing for business on Instagram is a large number of followers. The more people see your photos, the more likely someone wants to buy them. So, make it a point to promote your account on other social platforms as well as on your website or blog. You can use special tools like Iconosquare or Sprout Social to increase the number of your followers even faster.

4. Sell your goods or products

Once you have a sufficient number of followers, start selling your goods! Just make sure to write the selling description.

Earn through Online Gambling

What could be more fun than a simple game that can bring money? Real money can be won by registering on the apps or websites of online casinos such as Neosurf casino Australia. Having to deposit a minimum amount and getting generous bonuses and promotions is a leading factor for the growing popularity of gambling websites all around the world.

Watch videos or listen to music

This way is quite easy! Many websites will pay you for watching videos or listening to music. All you have to do is create an account and start doing so. You can do this in your spare time and it doesn’t take much effort.

Sign Up for Services or Complete Offers

Some companies are ready to pay for signing up for their services or completing offers. While this is the way for them to get new customers, it’s a chance for you to get a cash bonus. Make sure to read the Terms & Conditions before completing your registration there to know what you’re getting into.

Download and use apps

Other companies will pay you for using their apps. Usually, these apps are task-based, so that you will get paid after completing the tasks. For instance, you may be asked to take a picture of a store or answer the question about a product. So, if you have a few minutes here and there, why not use such an opportunity?

Participate in surveys

You can also participate in surveys. They usually take more time than regular ones, but you will be paid more for spending your time there. Companies are looking for your opinion on their products or services and they will pay for it willingly!

These are a good option for those who wouldn’t mind making some extra bucks! You will find that participating in surveys or focus groups is an easy way to do so.

Play Games

This one is for gamers! You can get paid for playing games. How cool is that?

It’s abnormally cool! Leading game developers can pay you for testing their new games. Or, pay for your feedback on the existing ones. So, if you love playing games, why not make it profitable? Isn’t that a great option to earn some extra cash? Why don’t you get paid for doing something you love?

For more information, explore and make money in one hour!

Customer Support

Many companies are looking for members of their customer support teams. You can work from the comfort of your home and provide customer support to people worldwide. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a way to earn extra! Besides earning money, you will be able to help people from all over the globe.


There are plenty of profitable ways of using your mobile phone. All you need to do is just explore them. We hope that this article was helpful and you are ready to start your money-making venture now. Just define which method works for you best and don’t forget to share other ones with your friends.

We listed above just a few of innumerable ways of earning money online without investment and by using your mobile only. So if you’re in need of some extra cash, these options are exactly what you were looking for! Why don’t you try them?

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