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There are a lot of smart tech gadgets out there, but which ones are actually worth buying? We’re highlighting our favorites for under $200.

Tech gadgets aren’t all created equal. Some last for years, while others never work well to begin with. So, when upgrading your devices, you want the best ones available for the most cost-effective prices. That’s where these smart tech gadgets worth buying come in 2023. They’re all under $200, and they vastly improve your day-to-day life.

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Want a high-end air purifier without the luxury price tag? The Wyze Air Purifier is your answer. Priced at just $169.99, it offers powerful purification, 3 filter options, and quiet operation.

Then, you can protect your car from theft and traffic incidents for $199.99 with the Ring Car Cam. Its dual-facing dashboard camera keeps an eye on your vehicle’s interior and the road ahead.

Make your life easier, safer, and more fun with the best gadgets worth buying in 2023.

1. The Ring Car Cam dual-facing dashboard security camera protects your car with real-time motion alerts. Preorder it for $199.99 on Amazon.

Smart tech gadgets worth buying in 2023 for under $200
Ring Car Cam on a dashboard

Keep your car safer with the Ring Car Cam dual-facing dashboard security camera. It consists of 2 wide-angle cameras, one for the cabin and another that records road footage. Meanwhile, you get real-time motion alerts for movement detected in your car.

2. The Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit for Roller Blinds makes regular blinds smart, saving you time and energy. It’s coming soon for $199.95.

Home MotionBlinds
Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit mechanism

Automate your regular roller blinds with the Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit for Roller Blinds. It lets you set schedules, improving your comfort and helping you save energy. What’s more, it uses Thread technology and works with Apple Home and the Eve app.

3. The Lenovo Tab M9 lightweight tablet supports your downtime with entertainment essentials like Dolby Atmos and a Reading Mode. It’s coming soon for $139.99.

Lenovo Tab M9
Lenovo Tab M9 front and back

Treat yourself to a tablet designed for entertainment when you get the Lenovo Tab M9 lightweight tablet. Weighing just 344 grams, it’s a breeze to carry. Reclaim your relaxation time with Netflix HD, Dolby Atmos audio, and a Reading Mode that simulates paper.

4. The Nanoleaf 4D lighting kit uses camera-based TV screen mirroring for immersive movie nights. It’s priced at $99.99 and is coming soon.

Nanoleaf 4D
Nanoleaf 4D in a home theater

Upgrade your home theater with the Nanoleaf 4D lighting kit. With its small camera that faces your TV screen, it syncs the lighting with your shows and movies. Not only that, but it also links with other Nanoleaf products.

5. The Samsung SmartThings Station smart home hub simplifies your smart home setup, letting you control multiple gadgets. It’s coming soon for $59.99.

Smart tech gadgets worth buying in 2023 for under $200
Samsung SmartThings Station in white

Controlling your smart home gadgets is a lot easier with the Samsung SmartThings Station smart home hub. It’s easy to set up and connect to your devices. After installation, you can automate pre-set routines and find misplaced gadgets with Samsung’s SmartThings Find.

6. The Mini Wipebook Pro + smart erasable notebook quickly uploads handwritten notes to the cloud. It’s only $39.99 on the official website.

Mini Wipeboo Pro + demo video

Do you get your best ideas while putting pen to paper? The Mini Wipebook Pro + ensures your best ideas are not lost since it sends them to the cloud. A mix of erasable graph and ruled pages, it’s one of our favorite smart tech gadgets worth buying in 2023.

7. The Lenovo Go 4K Pro Webcam standalone camera helps you look your best on camera with high-res streaming, autofocus, and more. It’s coming soon for $149.99.

Lenovo Go 4K Pro Webcam
Lenovo Go 4K Pro Webcam front view

Improve your videoconferences with the Lenovo Go 4K Pro Webcam. Designed to work with the Lenovo Go Desk Station with Webcam, it also serves as a standalone camera. We love its autofocus, auto framing, auto ambient light adjustment, and handy privacy shutter.

8. The SwitchBot Hub 2 Matter-enabled smart home hub works with all SwitchBot devices and those supported by Matter. It’s coming in March and will cost $69.

Smart tech gadgets worth buying in 2023 for under $200
SwitchBot Hub 2 on a table

It’s never been easier to manage and control your smart home devices than with the SwitchBot Hub 2. This Matter-enabled smart home hub works with all existing SwitchBot and Matter-enabled products. It even supports sunrise, sunset, and geo-fencing automations.

9. The Shelly Motion 2 next-generation Wi-Fi motion sensor features an improved design and tiny dimensions. Get it for about $42 on the official website.

Smart tech gadgets worth buying in 2023 for under $200
Shelly Motion 2 in a person’s hand

Winner of a CES 2023 innovation award, the Shelly Motion 2 next-generation Wi-Fi motion sensor has a whopping 256 levels of sensitivity, letting you adjust motion-sensing with precision. Moreover, it has a temperature sensor and a sleeker look.

10. The Wyze Air Purifier makes clean indoor air more affordable with its under-$200 price tag. Buy it for $169.99 on the official website.

Wyze Air Purifier product video

Add a luxury air purifier to your home that doesn’t cost a fortune Wyze Air Purifier. It cleans a 500-square-foot room over 3 times per hour and comes in 3 filter options. Additionally, you can even sleep next to it on low (21 decibels).

Ensure your smart tech is worth your hard-earned dollars when you go for any of these smart gadgets. Which ones would you love to own? Let us know!

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