The MEMO pocket-size whiteboard improves productivity

Wish there was a way you could take notes without carrying a bulky notebook or relying on your smartphone? Check out MEMO whiteboard wallet. It’s a pocket-size analog whiteboard for your lists and ideas.

Take your lists, notes, doodles, etc., everywhere with the MEMO pocket-size whiteboard. It holds up to 6 cards and has a folding whiteboard where you can quickly jot down ideas.

Notes and lists are essential for staying organized. Unfortunately, most notebooks are too bulky for everyday carry, and smartphone lists can distract you from your original purpose. That’s where MEMO whiteboard wallet can help.

It’s a wallet with a folding whiteboard. Completely analog, it’s the ideal tool for writing shopping lists, notes, to-do lists, and sketches on the go. Let’s take a closer look at it!

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Supports pen-and-paper writing

There’s something therapeutic and peaceful about putting pen to paper. It’s just you, the pen, and the paper—no bright screens or distracting tabs.

Research has shown that students who took notes with pen and paper remembered more information from their lectures than those who typed notes on a laptop.

For anyone who wants to take handwritten notes throughout the day, MEMO is the ideal solution. This pen and whiteboard fit in your pocket, allowing you to write your ideas anywhere.

Moreover, having a blank canvas in your pocket allows you moments of mental peace where you can focus solely on your ideas or plans for the day.

Keeps you organized, not distracted

Can’t start your week without planning every meeting, shopping list, or appointment? Then MEMO was created for you. It gives you a screen-free place to organize your thoughts anytime, anywhere.

In fact, this pocket-size whiteboard’s creators recommend it for organizers, problem solvers, and anyone who thinks visually. So if you rely on lists when grocery shopping, MEMO is a great organizational tool.

Not only is it compact, but its analog design also negates the need to keep opening your phone to see what you need to buy. And if you’re the problem solver at work or at home, MEMO offers a clean space where you can sketch out your latest ideas unencumbered.

Protects your cards with RFID-blocking technology

But MEMO isn’t just a pocket-size whiteboard. It also works as a wallet with space for up to 6 cards. They can be ID cards, debit cards, credit cards, parking tickets, and more.

The card-holding feature is divided over the 2 sides of MEMO, with each side supporting up to 3 cards. These areas also have RFID blocking, keeping your information safe.

What’s more, the cards stay in place thanks to rubber grips but slide out easily with your thumbs. For even easier access, place your 2 most frequently used cards on either side of MEMO.

Comes with a 0.8 mm fine-point pen

Then, it’s easy to write down your ideas and thoughts with the included fine-point pen with a 0.8 mm tip. It’s the ideal size for writing on the go and ensures your ideas look neat and artistic.

The pen has an eraser on the back, enabling quick revisions and corrections. And, of course, the pen writes in black ink.

Gives you plenty of analog writing space

It’s easy to keep track of your goals and stay organized thanks to MEMO’s ample space. Actually, this pocket-size whiteboard unfolds into a 6-inch whiteboard.

It’s an entirely writable size and surface—well over A7 size. Therefore, it gives you a comfortable area for writing to-do lists, sketches, and more.

To keep your ideas safe, simply keep the wallet closed using its magnetic closure.

Fits in your pocket

A writing gadget that fits in your pocket is one useful EDC item. And that’s precisely what MEMO is. Measuring just 108 x 74 x 11 mm, it easily fits in a back pocket, shirt pocket, or bag.

Even better, the cardholder completely fits the included pen, so you won’t have to worry about it leaking ink into your pocket or over your cards.

Uses high-quality materials

Moreover, this EDC writing gadget keeps your best ideas safe thanks to the high-quality materials incorporated into its design.

It’s made using 6063 aluminum, a durable, long-lasting material that can withstand everyday use. What’s more, it provides a reliable base for RFID-blocking, protecting your cards from electronic theft.

And you can even choose from 3 beautiful, minimalist finishes for your MEMO: Slate Gray, Charcoal Black, and Gilded Rose. They add style and elegance.

Improves your productivity, creativity & more

Whether you think of the plot for your next novel at the grocery store or want to write a reminder to call your sister, MEMO makes organizing yourself and reaching your goals easier.

Completely analog, this pocket-size whiteboard allows for peaceful, distraction-free note-taking anywhere. And best of all, it includes a cardholder, making it convenient to carry.

If you’d like to increase your productivity and create mindful habits, MEMO is a worthwhile addition to your EDC.

Love MEMO? Become a backer today on Kickstarter. Pledges start at about $65. What do you love about writing with pen and paper? Let us know!

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