Achieve your 2023 goals with these top gadgets and products

Man at home using air fryer to fry sliced ​​potatoes.  (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Man at home using air fryer to fry sliced ​​potatoes. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

By: Connor Taylor-Parton

It’s a new year, which presents an opportunity to give yourself a fresh start. Cut out bad, unhealthy habits and create a hobby for yourself that’s beneficial to your health.

The popular new year resolutions that people tend to go for are related to cutting down calorie intake, switching out fatty foods, and becoming more active. These are great places to start, and you don’t necessarily have to go into this all out; a slow start in introducing yourself to this change of lifestyle is still incredible progress you should be proud of yourself for.

Luckily, there are gadgets, tools, and gear that can help you on your fitness journey. Find what tool is most useful to you in achieving your 2023 goals from our recommendations below.

Air fryers

Occasionally substitute your regular oven with an air fryer and you can still enjoy delicious-tasting food, including fries and other fried foods that are made with 90% less fat.

Calorie-dense oil is a major factor in adding surplus calories to your meal. By using an air fryer instead, you only need one tablespoon of oil to cook what’s in the basket. You can fry, bake, roast, and even reheat your food. This is just a simple first step you can take in lowering your calorie intake without sacrificing the pleasure of tasty food.

S$116 S$199 at Lazada Singapore

Philips 4.1L Air Fryer.  (PHOTO: Lazada Singapore)

Philips 4.1L Air Fryer. (PHOTO: Lazada Singapore)

Philips is the market’s leading reliable air fryer brand you can get hold of. Trusted by hundreds of thousands across the world. For easy cleaning, detach the basket and place it in the dishwasher.

S$299 S$429 at Lazada Singapore

Ninja Food Air Fryer.

Ninja Food Air Fryer. (PHOTO: Lazada Singapore)

Ninja’s Foodi Airfryer can heat up to 240 degrees Celsius, and large 5.2l capacity, which is great for a regular-sized family. To clean up, you can take out the basket and put it in your dishwasher. Your food will also be cooked up to 50% faster than a conventional fan oven.

Hydragun at S$399

Hydragun Massage Gun.  (PHOTO: Hydragun)

Hydragun Massage Gun. (PHOTO: Hydragun)

If fitness is an area you’re taking up – whether it’s running, weight training, or a sporting activity – then one thing to note is the importance of recovery. If you’re not fully recovered between sessions, you risk the chance of injuring yourself. A massage gun is a great way to loosen up tension in your muscles, especially if you’re a runner or swimmer. Before and after each session, spend five minutes massaging the tissue.

S$89 at Puma Singapore

Puma Yoga Mat Bag.  (PHOTO: Puma Singapore)

Puma Yoga Mat Bag. (PHOTO: Puma Singapore)

One of the most undervalued components of feeling fit and healthy is stretching. Being able to feel loose at all times of the day, and getting rid of any tension in certain muscles or in your back, especially if you work sitting at a computer all day. Use a yoga mat so you can hold positions with a firm grip, and do your stretches regularly.

S$57 S$88 at Shopee Singapore

Huawei Watch Band 7. (PHOTO: Shopee Singapore)

Huawei Watch Band 7. (PHOTO: Shopee Singapore)

Fitness watches go beyond just tracking your runs as they once did. They can track your sleep, using TruSLeep 2.0 tracker to identify six major sleep-related issues, you can navigate whether you’re falling short on REM sleep. You can even use third-party apps to respond to messages and accept calls if you don’t have your phone to hand while you’re out and about. It has a battery life of two weeks, which is considered good for a fitness watch, and it has a 9.9 mm ultra-thin design, so it has a much more natural feel.

S$128 S$148 at Shopee Singapore

Fitbit Inspire 3. (PHOTO: Shopee Singapore)

Fitbit Inspire 3. (PHOTO: Shopee Singapore)

Fitbits are one of the most recognizable brands of technology that have aced their fitness trackers. Track your stress management- which is just as important in your overall health, your workouts, and your sleep. It tracks all activities, not just workouts, so you can count your steps to see if you’re hitting your 10,000 target.

S$249 at JD Sports

Ten Running Cloud shoes.  (PHOTO: JD Sports Singapore)

Ten Running Cloud shoes. (PHOTO: JD Sports Singapore)

Ten shoes have made a name for themselves in the last six months. Athletes and amateurs alike are all upgrading their running footwear to ON Cloud running shoes, describing them to be “just like running on a cloud”, thanks to their collapsible shell bubbles in the sole of the shoe cushioning every stride.

S$159 at JD Sports Singapore

Nike Free Run 5.0 Women's.  (PHOTO: JD Sports Singapore)

Nike Free Run 5.0 Women’s. (PHOTO: JD Sports Singapore)

If you’re training with weights in a gym, in order to help with form, you’ll want to opt for a flat shoe instead of traditional running shoes. This is because running shoes can make workouts like squatting and deadlifts change your form, which can target the wrong muscles and pose a risk of injury. These Nike Run 5.0 are a popular choice for training shoes.

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