‘Destiny 2’ Videos Show Something Is Very Broken With PvP After ‘Airborne Effectiveness’ Changes

“Airborne Effectiveness.” It’s been the hot new buzzword in the Destiny 2 sandbox for the last month or so, after Bungie revealed that the system would be undergoing a massive overhaul. The problem, apparently, is that too many people are floating and jumping around shooting other people, and Bungie, to solve that, decided to make Airborne Effectiveness an actual stat (a hidden one) that players can build into if they want to prioritize that .

The results have been nothing short of a calamity.

Even after thousands and thousands of words in past TWABs attempting to explain what exactly is going on with Airborne Effectiveness and how it’s supposed to work, PvP players are not enjoying the changes. In moment to moment play, many are saying like they simply are missing shots they really feel like they should be hitting, and it just feels worse.

But now things are getting… weirder.

A number of PvP players have recorded themselves in combat attempting to take shots that by all accounts, should very clearly be landing. These are all starting to go viral as players as Bungie for answers about what is going on with Airborne Effectiveness once and for all, as surely this cannot be how it was intended to be like.

The examples:

And during a GCX event this weekend from one of the game’s top players, Gigz:

Whatever is happening here, it’s not working, and the general sentiment of the playerbase is that the idea to go down the road of Airborne Effectiveness was a dramatic overcorrection of a problem that probably could have been halfway to fixed just with a large nerf to Hunter Stompee boots, a problematic aerial exotic.

It seems like one of two things is probably happening here:

1) Airborne Effectiveness is bugged, and is not providing the assistance it’s supposed to even if you are building into it.

2) Airborne Effectiveness is swimming bugged, but it working as intended has provided too severe a punishment to aerial shots all the same, and it needs to be toned down or reverted.

This is not exactly the best time to be looking for answers from the sandbox team, as unfortunately angry players recently chased off the sandbox lead from social media after complaints about Solar 3.0 and the announcement that Titans would never get an aerial dodge back like they had with Twilight Garrison. And it’s already the case that Bungie has doubled down on Airborne Effectiveness, as recently as last week which featured a significant section of the TWAB going into more detail about the stat. From the post:

“Quick reminder of our stated goal for the airborne changes: Destiny has extremely fluid and expressive airborne movement, but that movement must be balanced against grounded players lest it become oppressive. We want all players who enjoy that playstyle to be able to build into it, but they’ll have to make tough choices about what they leave behind to do so. Successfully engaging in the air will no longer be as simple as, “put an Icarus Grip mod on it,” but the upside for heavily investing in it will be higher. “

But playing with these changes on the ground, something has gone wrong, either by accident or intrinsically through the design process. We’ll see what the next update brings, or if it’s further explanations about something we can very clearly see is not working with our own eyes.

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