Snappy Lock works with phones, tablets, and action cams

Make your smartphone, tablet, and action cam easier to use with the Snappy Lock. This handy gadget attaches your most-used devices to things like lanyards, stands, and running bands. Check it out below!

Make using your devices faster, more comfortable, and more versatile with the Snappy Lock. This innovative line of device supports uses a patented automatic mechanism that offers quick, one-handed, and secure use of your smartphone, tablet, and action camera.

Tired of dropping your smartphone on the floor? Maybe your tablet keeps sliding off the water bottle you prop it against. No matter, those days are over when you use the Snappy Lock.

Consisting of 20 different supports with an automatic stainless steel lever that locks in 4 anchor points, it makes using your devices more convenient. Let’s check it out!

Snappy Lock product video

Has an automatic lock with 4 anchor points

What makes the Snappy Lock line unique? It boasts a patented automated mechanism that’s made in Italy. Just 40 mm in diameter, it’s one of the thinnest lock mechanisms out there.

In fact, inside the mechanism are a 0.5 mm thick lever and 5 stainless steel compression springs. These allow you to tighten the adapter to 4 anchor points, ensuring a secure attachment between the support and your device.

Boasts easy use

Don’t worry; using these device supports won’t take extra time out of your day. The creators know you’ve got things to do. For that reason, they’ve designed the Snappy Lock to work quickly.

You need to apply only slight pressure to the middle of the mechanism to get it to work. You can also open the lock with just a finger. Simply return the lever to the stop to remove your device from its support.

Snappy Lock
Snappy Locks with decorative covers

Secures your device

What’s more, the Snappy Lock keeps your device secure in its support. Yes, you can finally stop your phone, tablet, and camera from accidentally falling with this gadget.

That’s thanks to the stainless steel lever that turns 30° and locks the adapter at 4 anchor points. Meanwhile, the product is strong, supporting up to 4 kg of weight.

Snappy Lock
Snappy Lock secures a tablet

Features 4 adapters that work with any device

Versatility is essential when it comes to phone and tablet accessories. Luckily, this line of devices supports adapts to almost any device thanks to its 4 adapters.

Each comes with an adhesive that uses high-performance glue for a secure fit to your device. Just affix the adapter to the cover or directly to the device. Then, wait until the glue dries. You can choose from 4 supports.

Adapter Basic

The most minimal adaptor, the Adaptor Basic, has dimensions of 44 mm D x 4.8 mm W. So it stays discreet when attached to your phone.

Adapter Standard

Then, the Adaptor Standard gives you all Adaptor Basic features with a more stylish design. It comes in a square shape with an interchangeable magnetic cover.

Adapter Premium

However, if your device stays in view during social media or work events, you should consider the Adapter Premium.

It’s ultraslim at 6.1 mm thin. Plus, you can use the cover like a kickstand; it can prop your phone in either landscape or portrait positions.

Additionally, it has 16 magnets. There are 8 on the base and 8 on the slide. These enable you to open and close the lid and change styles to complement your outfit. You also enjoy 1-handed use with this adapter.

Adapter Action Cam

Moreover, the Adaptor Action Cam will surely be interesting if you use an action cam frequently. It boasts a round 40 mm mechanism that works universally on action cams.

You can attach all these adapters to other tech devices. Yes, things like eBooks, e-drawing pads, and earbud cases can also work with the Snappy Lock.

Has carabiner ring support

The Snappy Lock has a 35 mm carabiner ring support, which is one of the line’s must-have features. Using colorful, high-quality aluminum, it allows your device to attach to belt loops, backpacks, and bag straps.

Coupled with the long or short lanyard, the carabiner can attach your phone to the appropriate length to fit your circumstances.

For instance, the short lanyard can attach your phone to your bag’s interior, ensuring that you can find it quickly, while the long lanyard can hang your phone around your neck like a necklace.

Works with a running band

Do you keep your smartphone in your pocket while you run? Maybe you store it in a fanny pack around your waist. Regardless, there’s a more comfortable way to jog and still have easy access to your phone.

And that’s where the Snappy Lock’s Running Band comes in. It’s an elastic band with a VELCRO fastener that fits any arm. It’s ideal for the professional who needs to stay connected to work, even during workouts.

Fits shelf and floor supports

There are also shelf and floor supports that you can use with your Snappy Lock. The shelf support lets you attach your device to objects like a table or bedpost for easy horizontal or vertical viewing.

Meanwhile, the floor stand brings your tablet to a more comfortable height for viewing. It’s ideal for watching content and video chats.

Offers a range of other supports

From a suction cup holder to an arm support nozzle for use in the car and supports for photos and videos, this line of device accessories includes everything that can make using your devices easier.

That’s right; these smartphone accessories virtually eliminate the conundrums of using a smartphone and tablet in your day-to-day life. That way, you don’t have to worry about shattered or cracked screens due to falls and wasted time resulting from searching for a lost device in your bag.

Ensures safe, seamless use of your devices

Smartphones, tablets, and action cams can have difficult-to-grip shapes and often use slippery materials. So it’s a helpful gadget that makes these devices easier to hold and use throughout day-to-day tasks.

The Snappy Lock is one such gadget, and it features a high-quality locking mechanism as well as a plethora of different supports and adaptors.

If you wish you could integrate technology more seamlessly into your life, the Snappy lock is the gadget for you. Preorder yours for about $38 on Kickstarter. Do you use any device support? Tell us about them in the comments.

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