Nvidia Eye Contact AI: How To Get And Use It?

Nvidia Eye Contact AI will rock the streaming world. A new Nvidia Broadcast app feature, The Nvidia Eye Contact, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate how your eyes would appear if you were looking at the camera. The AI-powered feature edits your video in real-time to make you look like you are staring directly at the camera when distracted.

Are you new to artificial intelligence? Don’t be scared of AI jargon; we have created a detailed AI glossary for the most commonly used artificial intelligence terms and explain the basics of artificial intelligence as well as the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence. Do you wonder about the effects of artificial intelligence in everyday life? Well, thanks to Nvidia Eye Contact AI, you’ll soon see its effects while watching your favorite Twitch streamer or even in a Zoom meeting!

What is the Nvidia Eye Contact AI feature?

Nvidia Broadcast 1.4 has a new function called “Eye Contact,” which uses artificial intelligence to replace your eyes with “simulated” ones that are aligned with your camera. The Nvidia Eye Contact AI feature makes it look like you’re making eye contact with the camera even if you’re not.

Nvidia Broadcast, which improves video for live-streaming and videoconferencing, introduced a new feature called Nvidia Eye Contact AI as part of the 1.4 patches this month. According to a blog post by Nvidia, Eye Contact is designed for creators who want to stare directly into the camera at all times, even if they have to look away from the action to do anything like read notes or a script. When it comes to artificial intelligence, the Eye Contact function is just one more illustration of how it is gradually becoming used in everyday life.

According to Nvidia, Eye Contact has a “disconnect option in case you look too far away,” and it will strive to make the hue of your virtual eyes match the color of your real ones.

The beta badge indicates that Nvidia is actively seeking feedback from the community to develop further and improve the functionality.

“There are millions of eye colors and lighting combinations,” the company says. “If you test it and find any issues, or just want to help us develop this AI effect further, please send us a quick video here, we would really appreciate it!”


What is the Nvidia Eye Contact AI feature?  Learn how to get and use the new Nvidia Broadcast feature.  Zoom meetings and streams get easier.
Image courtesy: Nvidia

Other artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features of Broadcast include background replacement (which may be used as a virtual green screen) and the ability to remove any unwanted noises picked up by your microphone.

Nvidia included more than just Eye Contact in Broadcast version 1.4. In addition to enhancing the Blur, Replacement, and Removal Virtual Background effects, the newest update adds a vignette effect that Nvidia claims are similar to Instagram’s. The update can be downloaded for those who own an RTX graphics card.

Users have expressed concern at the new technology, citing its unnatural appearance and feel. However, there are also many more upbeat comments to be found. Do you want to try it yourself? First, check if you can meet the requirements


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Nvidia Eye Contact requirements

The software calls for a GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card (or a Quadro-compatible alternative) and 8 GB of RAM, at the very least. NVIDIA suggests a Core i5-8600 or Ryzen 5 2600 as a minimum CPU.

It’s possible that using the Nvidia Eye Contact AI feature would feel unnatural at first. Even the most skilled presenters occasionally look away, so being stared down by an artificially perfect avatar could be disconcerting. However, this could help you connect with your viewers, especially if you feel awkward making eye contact with the camera.

Does your computer meet these requirements? If so, let’s take a closer look at how to get and use it.

How to get the Nvidia Eye Contact AI feature?

Get the latest version of the NVIDIA Broadcast (1.4) for your desktop or laptop computer. The update will add the Nvidia Eye Contact feature to your menu.

How to use the Nvidia Eye Contact AI feature?

Follow these steps to use the new Nvidia Eye Contact feature:

  • If you haven’t downloaded it yet, download Nvidia Broadcast. You can use this link.
  • Go to Camera
  • Click Effect
  • Select Eye Contact (Beta)
What is the Nvidia Eye Contact AI feature?  Learn how to get and use the new Nvidia Broadcast feature.  Zoom meetings and streams get easier.
Image courtesy: Nvidia

Nvidia Eye Contact: Zoom example

During Zoom meetings, everyone sometimes wanted to avert their eyes or read from the notes they took. With Nvidia Eye Contact, you can now do this without being noticed. See the example below.

Want to learn more about Nvidia Broadcast? You can watch the video below or go to Nvidia’s official page.

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