Gadget insurance: Everything you need to know

If you’re like us, you probably have a couple (or more) gadgets that you depend on on a daily basis. Whether for work or play, our tech devices are an important part of our lives.

But when things go wrong, they can be expensive and difficult to repair or replace. That’s why gadget insurance is a must-have for all your important devices.

We’ve done our research and found the best gadget insurance providers on the market right now — so you can relax knowing that your precious devices are covered should the worst happen.

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What is gadget insurance?

Essentially, gadget insurance protects you if your gadgets are damaged, stolen or lost by covering the cost of repairs or replacement.

So if you drop your phone in the bath, smash your favorite camera lens or leave your expensive headphones on the train — you can rest assured that your gadget insurance will have your back.

What is considered a ‘gadget’?

Most small tech items can be covered under gadget insurance. What exactly is included will depend on the provider, but generally gadget insurance can be taken out on:

  • Smartphones

  • Tablets

  • Laptops

  • Cameras

  • Smartwatches

  • Headphones

  • Game consoles

  • E-readers

  • Sat Navs

It’s important to note, however, that most insurance providers will only cover gadgets that are less than 18 months old and purchased new — so it’s a good idea to sign up with an insurance provider as soon as possible after buying your shiny new piece of tech .

person wearing a green sweatshirt and headphones on a subway train holding a smartphone
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Why do I need gadget insurance?

On average, each person in the UK currently has access to 3.5 internet-enabled devices — and they don’t come cheap, with many top-of-the-line smartphones costing upwards of £1,000.

And, thanks to the evolution of Smart Home technology and the popularity of internet-connected gadgets such as activity trackers, the number of devices per person is only going to increase.

Investing in insurance for your gadgets means you’re covered if something goes wrong, saving you from having to pay hundreds or even thousands of pounds if you find you need to repair or replace an important gadget at short notice.

It’s also a must-have for families. Little fingers are prone to accidental drops, knocks and spills, so it’s a smart idea to get all your devices covered or else risk the need to constantly replace the gadgets your family just can’t live without.

Gadget insurance providers that are worth the investment

Making sure your gadgets are protected in the worst-case scenario will save you time, money and stress. Check out the insurance providers offering the best deals right now.

Gadget Cover

man wearing sunglasses holding smartphone up to his ear against a yellow background
Photo: Gadget Cover

Coverage includes:

  • Accidental damage

  • Theft

  • Liquid damage

  • Accidental loss

  • Mechanical breakdown

  • E-wallet protection

  • Unauthorized calls/data

  • Accessories cover

With over 25 years of experience, Gadget Cover are well known for their comprehensive gadget insurance. They cover a vast range of devices — from laptops and tablets to GoPro cameras and wireless speakers — so you can ensure all your favorite gadgets are protected.

The company offers three tiers of coverage — Bronze, Silver and Gold — that should suit any budget and need. All tiers cover accidental and liquid damage, so for many the Bronze package will be perfectly adequate for securing their gadgets against the most common forms of damage for a super affordable price (only £5.16 per month or £61.92 a year to cover an iPhone 14 512GB).

But for ultimate protection, the Gold package is the way to go. It offers extensive cover against a variety of issues, and even goes as far as to include accessories cover, which insures your gadget accessories against theft, damage or loss at the same time as your devices up to £150.

Get a quote from Gadget Cover here

Post Office

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Photo: Matt Hardy/Pexels
  • Tier of Coverage: Personal Premier (Standard and Economy also available)

  • Price (based on an iPhone 14 512GB): £16/month or £160/year

  • Excess: £50 (reduces to £25 after 150 days)

Coverage includes:

If you’re after insurance that gives you extensive protection, the Post Office is a fantastic choice.

All three coverage tiers include the full range of cover, but with the Premier option you can enjoy a super low excess fee of just £50 that reduces to only £25 after being insured for 150 days. That means if you find yourself needing to make a claim, you won’t have to fork out a ton of money up front to cover the excess.

They also offer a Family Bundle package that’s perfect for insuring multiple devices in one go at a lower price than insuring individually. You can choose a bundle of three, five, seven or ten gadgets to insure — so you can make sure the whole family’s precious tech is protected and score some sweet savings at the same time.

Get a quote from the Post Office here

Smart Cover

child wearing pink headphones holding a tablet, with a man and a woman looking at a tablet in the background
Photo: Smart Cover
  • Price (based on an iPhone 14 512GB): £10.99/month or £109.99/year

  • Excess: £250 (reduces to £100 for mobile phones, £50 for other gadgets after 45 days)

Coverage includes:

Smart Cover are major players when it comes to gadget insurance, and it’s clear why. They offer comprehensive cover in case of damage, theft or technical malfunctions, so you can rest assured that your devices are protected. They also allow unlimited claims, making it the perfect insurance option for those who tend to be a bit accident-prone.

It’s also super simple to insure multiple devices via the easy-to-use online form. Simply select your device models, fill in the relevant information and you’ll have your unique quote ready to go. And if Smart Cover’s stellar 4.8-star rating on Trust Pilot is anything to go by, you really can’t go wrong.

Get a quote from Smart Cover here


woman wearing sunglasses using smartphone and laptop sitting next to a person using a smartphone
Photo: Pexels

While not an insurance provider, MoneySupermarket is a fantastic way to compare all the insurance options available to you online.

The online form lets you add multiple devices you’d like to insure, and allows you to select what you would like protection against — such as theft, loss and accidental damage — so you can find the perfect deal for your needs.

You’re then presented with all the insurance options that match your preferences, ranked from cheapest to most expensive. Ideal for when you really want to consider all your options, it makes it simple to compare plans based on price, coverage, excess and claims limit, as well as Defaqto rating.

So if you want to be fully in control, MoneySupermarket lets you take the reins and find the insurance provider that works best for you.

Find the best gadget insurance deal here

Do I still need gadget cover if I have contents insurance?

Generally, eat

Most contents and home insurance plans will cover theft or damage to electrical gadgets — but only when these occur in the home. That means if your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device is damaged, lost or stolen outside your home, your contents insurance is unlikely to cover you.

So if you want to make sure you’re protected if you leave your tablet on the bus, or if someone spills a glass of wine on your phone at a restaurant, gadget insurance is absolutely essential.

Our verdict

Tech is expensive (especially if you’re always after the latest models), so taking out insurance helps to protect your investment and gives you peace of mind.

All our options are worthy choices, but we recommend Gadget Cover’s Gold plan for protection against a wide range of issues at an affordable price. We also think the Post Office’s Family Bundle package deals are perfect for making sure all your family’s devices are insured while enjoying a great discount.

With these fantastic insurance plans, you can scroll, snap and stream to your heart’s content — knowing you’re covered no matter what life throws at you.

Prices updated on 08/11/2022. We are not responsible for any changes made to the prices listed.

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