Outer space

Imagining a Vikings alternate universe with Jim Harbaugh and Baker Mayfield

Picture it: Vikings Minicamp 2022. Jim Harbaugh standing in the middle of 90 players giving an unhinged and impassioned Super Bowl speech until his voice is hoarse. He fist pumps, throws a football full speed at Johnny Mundt and sprints off holding both hands in the air like Rocky. When Harbaugh gets to the podium out of breath, he declines to talk about how the team was penalized for having too much contact in OTAs and accuses an Associated Press writer of being soft.

Meanwhile Baker Mayfield stays on the field to take a few extra reps with the receivers. He pauses briefly to tweet about how he’s loving Minnesota, then wanders over to his agent and suggests a leak that he’d prefer to be a Packer. A few minutes later, two NFL insiders, a Cleveland reporter and a random Oklahoma Sooner fan tweeted that sources close to Baker have indicated that he won’t be signing a long-term extension as long as the Vikings have Harbaugh in charge. He’d prefer Lincoln Riley. Oh, and he wants them to sign Odell and unretire Fran’s number so he can have it.


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