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Wish you had a car that changes color or a display that bends and slides? So do we. These are the concept gadgets of 2023 we wish were real.

We’re always looking for the latest concepts in technology. And we’re happy to report that, following CES 2023, there are plenty of new ideas to gush over. From vehicles with a personality to an immersive gaming cushion, these are the tech concepts we wish were real.

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Fancy a car that can change colors whenever your mood changes? You’d get that from the BMW i Vision Dee and its innovative E-Ink technology. This car has a voice, facial expressions, and its own personality.

Then, you can upgrade your gaming space in a discreet yet significant way with the Razer Project Carol. This cushion for gaming chairs includes immersive surround sound and cutting-edge haptics.

Ready to be impressed? Check out the gadgets below!

1. The Samsung Flex Hybrid folds and slides in a 10.5- or 12.4-inch screen. This concept explores the future of foldable phones and tablets.

The most interesting tech concepts we wish were real
Samsung Flex Hybrid with additional display

Expand your portable content viewing options with the Samsung Flex Hybrid display. This cool concept gadget folds and slides. So you could watch a sports game on the full tablet and pull out the additional screen to view stats and more.

2. The Dell Alienware Concept Nyx Game Controller makes it easy to access game libraries across multiple devices. It’s an improved PC gaming controller.

Dell Alienware Concept Nyx Enhanced Game Controller
Dell Alienware Concept Nyx Game Controller in white

Continue your game easily around the house with the Dell Alienware Concept Nyx Game Controller. This concept lets you access your gaming libraries on multiple screens and devices. Additionally, it has a fingerprint reader, voice control, and haptics.

3. The Sony Project Leonardo accessibility controller kit helps users with disabilities enjoy the thrill of games. This project is in its development phase.

The most interesting tech concepts we wish were real
Sony Project Leonardo top view

Get a customizable gaming experience with the Sony Project Leonardo accessibility controller kit. It boasts multiple customizations, allowing users to create their own playing experience. In fact, the controller comes with analog stick caps and buttons in various shapes and sizes. Even better, players don’t have to hold the controller in their hand. It’s one of those tech concepts we wish were real.

4. The L’Oréal HAPTA handheld computerized makeup applicator helps people with limited mobility apply lipstick. It’s coming in December 2023.

L’Oréal HAPTA applying lipstick

The L’Oréal HAPTA handheld computerized makeup applicator makes beauty products more accessible. It steadily and easily allows users to apply lipstick at home using technology created by very. What’s more, it combines smart motion controls with customizable attachments.

5. The SCIO magnetic camera system comes with a camera, filters, and a magnetic cap for iPhone photography. Contact the creator for collaboration possibilities.

The most interesting tech concepts we wish were real
SCIO components on a smartphone

Transform your iPhone into a portable photography studio with the SCIO magnetic camera system. It comes with everything you need for high-quality photography from an iPhone. What’s more, this system connects magnetically to your bare iPhone or with a dedicated case for a secure attachment.

6. The D-TWS True Wireless Earbuds have a case with an interactive touchscreen. It displays headphone details and audio controls.

D TWS True Wireless Earbuds
D-TWS True Wireless Earbuds and case

Charge, control, and store your earbuds in 1 place when you have the D-TWS True Wireless Earbuds. Its triangular-shaped case is quite innovative with its interactive touchscreen. Displaying details like battery life and power, it also lets you control the audio settings. For that reason, it made our list of tech gadgets we wish were real.

7. The Dell Concept Nyx Companion is a lightweight tablet-like device you can view and access in VR and XR environments.

The most interesting tech concepts we wish were real
Dell Concept Nyx Companion next to a desktop computer

Want a consistent tool for use in VR and XR environments? Check out the Dell Concept Nyx Companion. It can be used in all of these spaces and keep users’ content in 1 place as they move. That way, they won’t need to take photos of a whiteboard or copy notes for uploading to a different space.

8. The Razer Project Carol offers immersive head support with surround sound plus haptics. It provides surround immersion without cable clutter.

Razer project carol
Razer Project Carol on a gaming chair

The Razer Project Carol brings immersive surround sound to gaming setups without the extra wires or setup constraints. A cushion that affixes to all major brands of gaming chairs, it’s calibrated for near-field surround sound and haptics powered by Razer HyperSense.

9. The BMW i Vision Dee concept car acts like a digital companion. It shows what’s possible when software and hardware are combined.

BMW i Vision Dee Movie

The BMW i Vision Dee concept car offers BMW’s vision of digital mobility’s future. This car boasts a sporty design with both minimal forms and digital features. For instance, the kidney grille and headlight form a digital panel that can look like lights or eyes. It’s one of our favorite tech gadgets we wish were real.

10. The Ram Revolution Concept electric truck is designed to meet the specific demand of truck owners in terms of payload, range, towing, etc.

Ram Revolution Concept product video

The Ram Revolution Concept electric truck aims to set the stage for future electric trucks. Its STLA frame has space for a large battery, while the sporty design catches the eye. Then, the Ram Track Rail System gives you several cabin setups for hauling flexibility.

These concept products offer pretty cool hints about the tech we can expect in the future. But we wish they were available now! Which of these concepts do you wish were real? Let us know.

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