Jamie Carragher filmed snatching phone from Nottingham Forest fan after being goaded

A riled up Jamie Carragher has been filmed snatching a phone from a Nottingham Forest fan after being goaded in the stands last Sunday.

The former footballer turned pundit was caught on camera while walking through supporters at City Ground on Sunday (August 28) as they took on Tottenham Hotspur. Carragher was covering the game for Sky Sports and was receiving taunts from the home fans.

Footage shows the Liverpool legend grabbing a mobile phone from a supporter before exchanging words with another then gets escorted onto the side of the pitch by stewards, where he gestures to the home fans – who had been calling him a ‘Scouse b****’ **’. His reaction for the second time it happens is a more playful one. See the videos below…

Forest supporters can then be heard collectively chanting more taunts at Carragher, before he turns around and shrugs his shoulders in their direction, with a surprised smirk on his face.

An eyewitness claimed: “He was getting a lot of sticks when he was coming down the stairs and then he stopped and grabbed some guy’s phone. He seemed pretty riled up by it all – at one point I thought he was going to properly kick off.”

Carragher was previously suspended by Sky after footage emerged of him spitting at a teenage girl following a game in 2018. He reacted while driving after a Manchester United fan goaded him as their car pulled up to a set of traffic lights.

He issued an apology on TV and did not continue his role with Sky Sports for five months after the incident. Last year, he opened up on the aftermath which he said “knocked him for six” for six months.

He told Gary Neville on The Overlap: “Coming home from Old Trafford and then when I lost my job at Sky – I’m someone who’s quite on the front foot, if someone attacks me.

“But that knocked me for six months. For a good six months I wasn’t myself. I’d get up in the morning and just have that pain in my stomach, oh that did happen. I went to see Steve Peters [a psychologist] after it. I felt really bad, embarrassed, my family, my mum or dad. And the kids.

“I remember getting back to the house that night when I’d been at Sky. I haven’t seen the kids, they’re at school, and you just went back and we all sat together and it was tough. Even though we’re in the public eye, we’re not the royals, Beckham, big stars. You read them on the front page. When it’s you, everywhere I went it felt like people were looking at me.”

He added: “It’d come back to me, but it was done. I own it. I didn’t blame anyone else. I accepted it. I took my medicine. Whatever s*** is thrown at me I’ll take it. And that’s the way I was as a player.”

During his coverage of Nottingham Forest’s Premier League defeat against Tottenham, he also admitted being “wound up” by Richarlison, who caused controversy for showboating before being fouled by Brennan Johnson.

“It’s not right, you can’t just go and boot people,” Carragher said on commentary. “You can’t do that, but what’s he doing?”

“He just winds people up that guy. He winds me up. What do you expect Johnson to do? You’re not condoning that but…”

“It doesn’t matter what we all think of the #Richarlison showboating, it’s what the opposition thinks,” Carragher later explained on Twitter. “They thought he was taking the p**s and tried to take him out.

“You can’t condone that, but the worst that happens is a red card, for Spurs it’s a bad injury. That’s why it’s daft.”

Fans gave their reaction with Jamie Carragher filmed snatching phone from a Nottingham Forest fan after being goaded…

@SR888z: Some little fat bell end shouting you scouse bastard in his face, he’s lucky @Carra23 didn’t put him on his ass the bad wool. He should of smashed his phone.. ppl think they can say what they want to ppl and not get a slap.

@kristianefc1878: Fella shouted “you scouse bastard ahh” filming him in his face. Carragher shouldn’t have done it but 🤷🏻‍♂️ Lad only did it because he thought there’d be no reaction. Then shock when the fella he abused did something. Lesson, don’t be a dick to someone.

@DermotQuinn: What is it about Jamie Carragher and getting aggressive with children?

@kyleyp: He’s an absolute helmet!

@alexthompson08: Did he spit at him 🤔

@RichardWye: Yep unfortunately he is bullet proof. If he can keep his job after spitting at a young girl, then he’ll probably get a pay rise for this! @SkySports

@9LARCK: He was blaming Ronaldo for the same thing lol

@eleanorpeacockx: Oh here he is striking again, seems to always be riled up about something, keepy upies get him riled up these days. Time to go @Carra23

@SL1878: Angry little cunt you aren’t ya @Carra23? You should’ve been shipped off to the desert with keys and gray a long time ago.

@SG_EFC: as much I dislike @Carra23 clubs shouldnt be bringing ex footballers of other clubs through a stands like this, some point theres going to be an incident whether its some like him who brings banter on himself with his manner &tone or someone impartial.. someone will say something

@andycardwellefc: He can’t help himself

@LeeEFC_: Carragher is a cock, but that rat of a Forest fan screaming “you scouse bastard” in his face, deserved a crack in the fucking jaw! Fair play to the older Forest fan for telling him to fuck off, though.

@JakeNUFC__: he’s actually such a cunt

@groves13_joey: Bahhhh! He must hate kids eh, first spitting on one, now snatching a phone off one! @Carra23 is a monster!

@Danny_EFC6: Ahahahaa know he shouldn’t but fella got the phone in his face and shouted you scouse bastard expecting nothing back 😭😭😭

@TheEvertonEnd: Calm down lad @Carra23.

@LiamTownson: Can’t help himself carra can he 😂😂

@MarkBirch1988: Can’t stand @Carra23 but if someone is sticking a phone in your face calling you a Scouse bastard you should expect a response 👏

@Mountford_14: Good for him. Just because they’re famous, doesn’t give you the right to shove a camera in their face

@notbitterbetter: I’ll side with Carragher on this one. The spitting debacle though, that’s disgusting and he should’ve been sacked on the spot for that, properly gets me spitting at someone, lowest form of scum.

@ToffeeDaft: @Carra23 acting like an absolute animal again! Spitting at kids, mass meeting during Covid, kicking off on his wife at Glasto, threatening team mates, offering to break someone’s legs, being ‘over the top’ with strippers! Top man is our Carra

@ANDYDB7: @GNev2 have a word

@JDGEFC: He has been raging lately on here too. Think some time out of the limelight is probably best

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