LoL Preseason 2023: XP & Gold Changes for Season 13

Riot is already adding jungle pets to the meta in the LoL Preseason 2023, but now they’re also making huge adjustments to XP and Gold earnings as well. Let’s go over the details so you’re prepared for Season 13.

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Riot is making some huge changes this preseason, but that’s nothing new. At the end of each calendar year, Riot goes over the map, the state of the game and tries to make some huge adjustments to try and improve the game. This year we already know about all of the upcoming jungle changes, but there is more in store for us.

Riot also promised to help fix the top lane, which has become one of the most tedious lanes to play in. Will the XP and gold adjustments Riot is proposing make a difference though?

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LoL Preseason 2023: Jungle XP and Gold Changes

One of the biggest changes is going to come to the jungle. Yes, we will have a whole new mechanic called ‘jungle pets’ which will play a huge role in the coming season, but this will also change the way people have played in the jungle. So, Riot had to make some adjustments accordingly.

Jungle Pet and Item XP and Gold

Jungle pets will inherently gain 50 gold for every treat they consume. What are these treats? Well as of the 2:30 mark in the game you will get treats every single minute and by killing large monsters you ‘feed’ your jungle pet. Easy as that.

You’ll also gain bonus XP from jungle items. This has been increased from 60 XP to 75 in the preseason. Therefore, you’re going to get more XP thanks to the jungle monsters and items, as well as a bit more gold.

Jungle Camp XP and Gold

Jungle camps, on the other hand, will be worth less gold and give you less experience. These changes aren’t that big though, so players will still be able to level up faster than before thanks to the previous XP and Gold buffs in the jungle.

  • Krugs, Wolves, and Raptors are worth less gold and XP.
  • Jungle camps have less XP to compensate for the 15 Bonus XP gained due to jungle items.
  • Gold is being reduced in all camps to compensate for the gold earned from pet treats.

You shouldn’t worry too much about these nerfs, since they won’t be too impactful in the long run and you should still be able to clear your jungle with ease.

Now if only Riot would revert this champion and delete them…

Mid Lane and Top Lane XP and Gold Changes in LoL Preseason 2023

The top lane was also promised some upgrades this off-season so let’s quickly check out what Riot is doing to try and make this lane great again… surely it isn’t going to involve their newest champion K’Sante though, right…? Nope, not at all, instead we’re going to have some added experience from killing minions.

In both the top lane and the mid lane, Riot is going to increase the XP percentage from 93% to 95%. Seems small and well… this is a small change, but it should have both mid laners and top laners spike a little sooner before.

Other than that, Riot is going to make a few more adjustments to the mid lane, making every single minion before the 14-minute mark worth 1 gold less. So, while they might gain more experience, they’ll be getting a little less gold for it and thus won’t be able to gain their item spikes any faster.

Turret Changes in LoL Preseason 2023

One more big change will come to towers, especially in the early stages of the game. Tower plates will now be giving 175 instead of 160 gold once the preseason goes live. This means hard-hitting early game laners are going to be meta once more. I see a lot of Tristana in my near future…

Magic Resist and Armor will be increased on the plates though, so it will be harder to get them down, which is why the Rift Herald is going to be a key objective in the coming preseason. Teams are going to have to choose wisely between taking the Rift Herald or a Dragon in the early game.

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