Brokerages have given T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ:TMUS) an average recommendation of “Buy.”

According to Bloomberg, the stock of T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS), which 22 different rating organizations are currently covering, has an average rating of “Moderate Buy.” These rating organizations have given their opinions on the company’s stock. Two analysts have recommended that investors maintain their current position with the stock; seven analysts have suggested that investors buy the stock; and a single analyst has strongly recommended that investors buy the stock. The average price target for the next year that has been assigned to the company’s stock by market analysts who rated the company’s stock in the previous year is $175.95 per share.
The findings that several analysts obtained from the research that they carried out on the company have just recently been made public. In a research report published on November 15th, the rating for T-Mobile US was changed from “hold” to “buy,” and their price target was increased from $195.00 to $202.00. In addition, the price target was increased by $5.00. In a research note made public on Friday, October 28th, Cowen announced that they were increasing their price objective on T-Mobile US from $187.00 to $201.00. The research conducted by was the first of its kind to address T-Mobile US. The findings of this research were made public on October 12th (Wednesday). They advised their clients to “hold” the stock moving forward. Morgan Stanley rated the company as “overweight” in a research note published on Thursday, December 15th, and decreased their target price for T-Mobile US from $180.00 to $175.00. T-Mobile US was the focus of the research note. JPMorgan Chase & Co. predicted in a research note published on Friday, October 28th, that the price of T-Mobile US would reach $200.00 within the next twelve months.
Friday began with a $140.00 opening price for a share of T-Mobile US stock on the trading market. The debt-to-equity ratio is 1.02, the quick ratio is 0.73, and the current ratio is 0.81. Each of these ratios is lower than the debt-to-equity ratio. During the same period, T-Mobile US had a one-year low of $101.51 and a one-year high of $101.51, while the other had a value of $154.38. The price of the stock is $145.83 according to the fifty-day simple moving average, and the price of the stock is $141.19 according to the 200-day simple moving average. In addition, the company’s financial information is presented, including its market capitalization of $174.18 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of 114.75, a price-to-earnings-growth ratio of 2.55, and a beta value of 0.53.
On October 27th, the most recent earnings report for T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS) was made available to the public. The cellular communications company’s quarterly earnings per share came in at $0.40, which was $0.13 lower than the $0.53 average estimate anticipated to be earned by the company. The revenue the company reported for the quarter was $19.48 billion, which is significantly lower than the average prediction of $19.98 billion made for the quarter. T-Return Mobile’s return on equity in the United States was 6.29 percent, and the company’s net margin was 1.92 percent. The decline in the company’s revenue was 7% lower than the previous fiscal year. However, the same period as the previous year resulted in the same profit for the company: $0.55 in earnings per share. The research analysts believe that T-Mobile US will bring in $2.02 in profits per share for the current fiscal year. These projections were made for the current fiscal year.
According to related news, on November 1st, Dara Bazzano, who serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for T-Mobile US, sold 1,700 shares of company stock. Following the sale of the shares, an average price of $153.46 was paid for each share, bringing the total value of the transaction to $260,882.00. Following the successful conclusion of the transaction, the chief accounting officer now directly owns 9,551 company shares, each of which is estimated to be worth approximately $1,465,696.46. If you follow this link, you will be taken to the filing submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, where the transaction was discussed, and it will take you there immediately. Additionally, on Friday, October 28th, corporate insider Neville R. Ray sold 50,000 shares of company stock. This information was included in a separate piece of news. It was determined that each share was sold at an average price of $150.47, which led to a total sale volume of $7,523,500.00. The price at which each share was sold was determined. Following the completion of the transaction, the insider now directly owns 313,902 company shares, the total value of which is approximately $47,232,833.94. The documentation that describes the transaction was submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, and it is possible to locate it on the SEC’s website. In addition, on November 1st, Dara Bazzano, who serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of T-Mobile US, sold 1,700 shares of the company’s stock. The total number of shares of the company’s stock that were sold was 2,608,820.00, with each share fetching a price of $153.46. Following the completion of the transaction, the chief accounting officer will have a total of 9,551 shares of the company’s stock, which will have a value of $1,465,696.46 at the time of this writing. Disclosures that are related to the sale may be found in this section of the website. Insiders in the company were recently responsible for the sale of 73,450 shares of company stock, which resulted in total revenue of $11,045,767. People hold a total of 0.68% of shares with inside knowledge of the company.
A few hedge funds have made recent adjustments to the percentage of their holdings invested in the company, either increasing the percentage or decreasing it. During the second quarter, Atria Investments LLC increased 8.2% in the proportion of T-Mobile US stock that it owned. After making an additional purchase of 685 shares during the period, Atria Investments LLC now has a total of 9,051 shares of the stock of the wireless communications provider, which are worth a combined total of $1,218,000. This brings the total number of shares owned by the company to 9,051. In the second quarter, Fieldpoint Private Securities LLC brought the total amount of T-Mobile US stock that it owned to a level that was 29.5% higher than before. Fieldpoint Private Securities LLC has 741 shares, with a market cap of $100,000, following an additional purchase of 169 shares during the period in question. Finally, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co. increased the amount of T-Mobile US stock owned by 299.1% during the second quarter of the fiscal year. After making additional purchases during this period, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co. now has 7,259 shares in the company, giving it a market capitalization of $977,000. These shares were acquired during this time. In addition, the Household Group Estate & Retirement Specialist LLC initiated a new investment during the third quarter by purchasing a share of T-Mobile US for close to $27,000. This investment was made in the company’s stock.
Last but not least, Sei Investments Co. increased the percentage of T-Mobile US stock owned by 0.8% during the second quarter. This certainly should not be considered the least important development. The stock of the wireless communications provider has a current market value of $31,290,000 per share, and Sei Investments Co. now owns a total of 232,451 shares of the company’s stock after purchasing an additional 1,853 shares during the period in question. The proportion of time that institutional investors have the stock in their portfolios is 42.86 percent.
Customers in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands of the United States can take advantage of the mobile communication services that T-Mobile US, Inc. and its subsidiaries offer. The company’s end users total 108.7 million, and all have access to the company’s phone, messaging, and data services. These end users can be divided into three categories: postpaid customers, prepaid customers, and wholesale customers. In addition to the various pieces of mobile communication equipment and accessories available for purchase, it also sells wireless technology products such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

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