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Detect Data Balance of Vodafone Idea Number

The combination of Vodafone and Idea gave us one of the most reliable and largely opted telecom operators, called Vi (or Vodafone Idea). Out of the total population, around 25% of smartphone users adopted the services of Vi (or Vodafone Idea).

The primary factor that is helping in increasing the subscriber of this telecom service includes, the emergence of promising and admirable prepaid connections. And if you hold a Vodafone Idea sim and have a prepaid connection, you would know that this service requires the user to administer and constantly check the call and data level.

Not a particular task but a task that has to be performed to be mentally updated with the balance. Moving ahead we will tell you not one but numerous ways to check the data balance from different mediums. Choose at least one way that will assist you to monitor your data balance and ultimately guide you through the payment site, if required!

The Prepaid plans and Vodafone-Idea

This third largest telecom service provider is coming strong in the competition with its counterparts. Along with this, the increasing offers that will satisfy the subscribers, like different data plans, speed limits on the network packages, and many more, currently makes it necessary for the users to keep a tab on the facilities Vi is offering.

Moreover, for 4G prepaid plans it is advisable to timely follow up on the data balance and know more about what that plan is offering. As the users have often facilitated some weekend rollover plans and binge all-night plans at some prepaid plans. Thus, know your plan and the bonuses it adds to your day-to-day life.

The techniques induced in this process of checking the data balance and different data plans include USSD codes and can even install the app for more information pertaining to the Vodafone Idea upcoming offers. The only requirement is that the users must have a prepaid number Vodafone Ideas.

Below mentioned are some of the step-by-step manuals for all the different processes that assist in checking the data balance.

Check your data balance for Vodafone Idea (Vi) prepaid number

There are ways more than one where users can check and monitor data balance at a given time. Through USSD codes or the Vi, app one can check the remaining 4G data on the particular selected plan. The action is as easy as the bird flying.

Vodafone Idea

Check data balance via USSD Code

Users can use *199*2*2# – as a USSD code that will inform entirely about the data balance for the given number.

Check data balance via Vi App

The steps are as follows:

Install the Vi app on your smartphones through the app store or play store.

Once installed and logged in, select the ‘main balance’ option that appears on the home screen.

There the users with prepaid Vi numbers can easily witness the data balance and the average utilization of the plan.

Check your data balance via WhatsApp:

WhatsApp offers more than just chatting and sharing images. To get the information regarding your data balance and more that concerns your prepaid plan, users can get that on WhatsApp. Before getting all the information it is required to complete the following steps:

  1. First, add and save 9654297000 to the contacts list, this number is linked to WhatsApp.
  2. Open WhatsApp, and select the aforementioned number. Initiate the conversation from your end by sending ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’.
  3. After this, users will get an automated message with some options from the Vi team.
  4. From the options, select the ‘see the balance’ option.
  5. For the brief verifying process to confirm the number on which the user wants the extended information.
  6. The user will receive OTP on the registered Vi number, Type the OTP. There the user will get the whatsapp message on the data pack details, weekend data rollover details, validity of the plan, and many more.


The data balance is an essential follow up one should take. The steps are easy and quite flexible in the ways the balance can be checked. Choose one step and know the data balance.

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