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A mobile sling bag is a compact and handy bag that can be very useful for carrying your basics. Many times women feel they need a small bag to store their mobile phones and some basics like car keys and cash without having to carry a bulky purse or handbag all the time. This is when mobile phone sling bags come in handy and become a top accessory of choice. Mobile sling bags come in a multitude of designs and styles that are fun and attractive and the amount of choice and brands available make it a fun shopping experience. But the choices can also get confusing and overwhelming so here is a curated list of some of the top picks for mobile phone sling bags to help you make an informed choice and shop for the perfect accessory.

Here is a list of some of the best mobile sling bags:


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Kuber Industries Black Women’s Mobile Cover Sling Bag

This stylish and ethnic-looking mobile sling bag is the perfect boho accessory for daily use. The velvet sling pouch for mobile phones comes with detailed embroidery that is very attractive and nice. The colorful embroidery gives the mobile sling bag a very handcrafted look which is very aesthetic and will help you style your outfits with a boho vibe. The mobile sling bag comes with a zipper pocket for storing valuables like credit cards and cash as well which adds utility to the sling bag making it a top pick.

Lapis O Lupo Mobile Cross-Body Sling Bag

This gorgeous-looking turquoise mobile sling bag for women comes in a beautiful leatherette fabric that is very premium looking. The mobile sling bag consists of three compartments. The first compartment is housed with a flap-style opening and is spacious enough to keep your mobile phone and car keys with ease. The mobile sling bag also comes with an open back pocket to slip in your bus pass, metro card and more for ease of access and use. The mobile sling bag also has a top zipper compartment to store any valuables and important knickknacks to prevent them from falling out.

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This fancy-looking mobile sling bag comes with two main compartments. One comes with a zipper that houses two smaller compartments and an internal coin purse with a zipper to store those tiny valuables. The click clasp compartment is for your phone and can easily be accessed to open and close to store your mobile with ease. The pink cross-body mobile pouch is perfect for exploring as an option if you are looking for a compact mobile pouch in a sling bag form along with enough space for your cash, credit cards, and more.

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Women’s Crossbody Sling Bag

This mobile sling bag for women comes in high-quality PU leather which is one of the most premium choices of material for mobile phone sling bags online. The beautiful sling bag contains two main compartments. The bigger compartment comes with a zipper and can easily store any large size mobile phone and keep it safe. The smaller compartment comes with a zipper as well and is perfect for storing your car keys, cash, credit cards and more. The brow sling bag is perfect for everyday use and can be paired with almost all the clothes in your existing wardrobe which makes it a top pick.

Black Spade Crossbody Sling Bag

This easy to use cross body mobile sling bag from Black Spade comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from. The mobile sling bag comes with a magnetic flap-style opening that is easy to use and has two main compartments inside the flap itself. Both compartments are spacious and open and can store your mobile phone, car keys, a tiny notepad and more with ease. The cross-body sling bag is easy to use and very versatile as it can be used even when you don’t want to store your mobile phone but use it as a purse instead. Perfect for gifting as well.

Dein Kleider Nylon Cross Body Messenger Bag

This cross-body bag from Dein Kleider comes in a top-quality and durable nylon fabric which is sturdy and very easy to use. The mobile sling bag comes with a main compartment with a phone pocket and can easily house your phone charging cord as well. The front of the sling bag has a smaller zipper pocket which can hold money, credit cards or other essentials like your house keys or metro card as well. Perfect for daily use as it is sturdy and durable and comes with a strong adjustable strap that is easy to handle and use.

Mobile sling bags: FAQs

  1. What is a mobile sling bag?
    A mobile sling bag is a small size bag that is big enough to hold your mobile phone and basic belongings like cash and credit cards. These come in handy as women can store these and sling the bags across their shoulders easily.
  2. Are mobile phone sling bags useful?
    Yes. Many times women don’t have too many things to carry but still want to keep their mobile phones and belongings in a safe space. A mobile phone sling bag is the perfect solution for being able to store belongings without needing a bulky handbag.
  3. Where can I carry my mobile phone sling bag?
    You can carry your mobile phone sling bag on vacations, on dates, at weekend outings, to the mall, for movies and more. These sling bags are perfect when you have very basic things to carry and don’t need a bulky handbag.

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