The 10 most popular smartphones on Which? in 2022

With most of us looking at where we could save in 2022, it was no different when we wanted to upgrade the tech sitting in our pockets. The most read Which? smartphone reviews from 2022 tell us that it’s not all about the latest, most expensive handsets anymore.

In fact, no flagship smartphones have made the top 10 list of most popular Which? smartphones in 2022. Instead, Which? members were looking at the cheaper end of the market and our tests have revealed that there are some bargains to be had.

See which phones made the list in the Which? top smartphones for 2022, based on our most read reviews. We’ll also reveal our estimate of how long these models should receive importance security updates, so you can choose a phone that will last. We wouldn’t recommend models with less than two years of remaining support, but fortunately, there’s still plenty on the list to choose from.

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1. Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

Updated until: At least June 2025

Taking first place in our most popular smartphone reviews was a release from 2021 in Samsung’s cheaper A range. It’s not the swankiest phone, but it has a large LCD 6.6-inch touchscreen with three understated camera lenses on the back. Other perks include 5G and a large battery that should power you through the day.

It’s still available at the retailers below, take a look contract dealsor read the Which? Samsung Galaxy A22 review to see how it fared under the microscope in our lab tests.

2. iPhone SE 2022

Updated until: At least March 2028

2022 saw the release of Apple’s third version of its cheapest iPhone that sparked plenty of interest for Apple fans. It’s equipped with the leading A15 chipset from the iPhone 13, upgraded camera software and a smaller-than-most 4.7-inch LCD screen. iPhones are supported for a long time with security updates, so there’s still plenty of life left in the SE.

Buy it from retailers below, compare contract deals or read our iPhone SE 2022 review to get the full story.

3. Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

Updated until: At least March 2025

This mid-range phone from Samsung released in September 2021 is still proving popular. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor and a 6.5-inch display with some premium specifications. The cameras promise a lot with optical image stabilization and specific modes to optimize your pictures, like ‘food’, ‘pro’ and ‘pro video’.

It’s sold at the retailers below, compare contract deals or read the popular Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G review.

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4. Samsung Galaxy A12

Updated until: At least January 2025

The popularity of our Samsung Galaxy A12 review from early 2021 shows a rising interest in cheaper smartphones from this industry leader. Samsung promises an impressive battery life on this phone, but its other specs are more basic.

It’s now available second-hand for around £90, but read our independent Samsung Galaxy A12 review first to see if it’s the right pick for you.

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5. Samsung Galaxy A13

Updated until: At least March 2026

If you’re not interested in a second-hand phone, the Samsung Galaxy A13 is one of Samsung’s cheapest phones that’s still available to buy new. It doesn’t have 5G and its processor is unremarkable, but it could be for you if you want an entry-level Android smartphone.

Compare Sim-free prices below, check out contract deals or read our Samsung Galaxy A13 review to find out how its battery performed and more.

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6. Oppo A16

Updated until: At least July 2024

Oppo’s only phone making this list can be found on sale for as little as £100. Oppo has prioritized battery life, and it comes with some unfussy cameras and a screen with a basic 1,600 x 720 pixel-resolution.

Unfortunately, this phone isn’t widely available anymore, and we wouldn’t recommend buying it in 2023 as it’s expected to lose security support next year. Find out more in our guide to mobile phone security.

See how this phone performs in our Oppo A16 review.

7. Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Updated until: At least January 2025

Another 2021 Samsung phone making a statement in 2022 was the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. On paper, its specifications are good value for money with a capable processor, big battery, and versatile cameras that can record videos in 4K.

It’s available at the retailers below, on contract to spread out the costs or read the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G review to see if it’s the bargain buy for you.

8. Nokia G10

Updated until: At least July 2024

Nokia’s entry into the top 10 most popular Which? reviews comes in the entry-level Nokia G10 smartphone. It has a sizeable battery, a 6.5-inch LCD screen and a run-of-the-mill processor. Unfortunately, it’s not available to buy new in many places online anymore, and we wouldn’t recommend buying this phone anyway due to its short lifespan.

Check out our Nokia G10 review although, to see how it fared.

9. Samsung Galaxy M22

Updated until: At least October 2025

The Samsung Galaxy M22 released in late 2021 is still proving popular among Which? members. Its Super AMOLED display has premium specs for its price and the large battery is an encouraging addition.

Find out if the all-important battery will really last in our Samsung Galaxy M22 reviewor find it at retailers below.

10. Samsung Galaxy A03

Updated until: At least January 2026

Rounding off our list is one of Samsung’s cheapest smartphones from 2022. The low price means you’ll have to compromise on a low-resolution screen, having basic cameras and it doesn’t have 5G. But it advertises a good battery life in a robust package.

Will you be making too many compromises for the price? Find out in our Samsung Galaxy A03 reviewand check retailer prices below.

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