Modern Warfare 2 Update Today | Patch Notes

Here are the latest patch notes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. We keep this article regularly updated, and we condense the patch notes to focus primarily on balance changes. Because we know that you guys care a lot more about buffs and nerfs than minor bug fixes.

MW2 Patch Notes
Call of Duty: Here are the patch notes for today’s MW2 update. | © Activision

Modern Warfare 2 gets regular updates, primarily to resolve bugs but also to adjust weapon balancing. They want to avoid any weapon being too strong for too long, and so we often see them nerf things that are overused and buff things that are unpopular.

You can expect updates fairly regularly, but the downloads are usually quite small. Although, the bi-monthly seasonal updates, which contain new content, are a bit larger.

Note: This page displays the latest patch notes for Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, not Warzone. The mainline Call of Duty game each year is balanced separately from the Battle Royale, so none of these changes might be implemented in Warzone.

When Is Modern Warfare 2 Updated?

If Modern Warfare 2 is getting a minor update for the week then it’s typically going to be deployed on Tuesdays at 10:00 PT (13:00 ET / 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET), with a pre-download available between 12-6 hours before. That was the date and time when we could expect updates for Vanguard and BOCW, and it seems to have become CoDs routine. They do updates for multiplayer at that time on Tuesdays because it’s exactly 24 hours before the regular Warzone updates on Wednesdays.

Sometimes we get very small “hot-patches” which are deployed to fix things in an emergency, and these can occur at any time. We also get larger updates for new seasons and big events, and these can similarly be deployed at any time.

Modern Warfare 2 Update Today (November 4, 2022) | Patch Size

Modern Warfare 2’s first update, excluding the “day one patch”, was deployed on November 4, and was the following sized on each platform:

  • PlayStation: 860 MB
  • Xbox: 49 GB
  • PC: 510 MB

It was larger on Xbox because it contained specific fixes for the platform. But for the other two platforms it was small because it really doesn’t contain much besides a few minor fixes.

Modern Warfare 2 Update Today (November 4, 2022) | At A Glance

We like to condense the patch notes into what’s most relevant for our users, which is basically the weapon balancing. For new information on content rather than balancing, you can check out these hub pages on every weapon in Modern Warfare 2, every map in Modern Warfare 2and all details regarding the new season.

But if you don’t even have time for the condensed patch notes, and you just want the most essential information, here’s a brief overview of the biggest changes coming in today’s update:

  • Weapon Tuning was re-enabled.
  • A number of fixes should now have resolved the problem of crashing while parting up.
  • There were no adjustments to weapon balance.

Happy with those changes? Or still too just p*ssed off about the lack of a minimap?

Modern Warfare 2 Update Today (November 4, 2022) | Patch Notes

General Updates

  • Addressed a number of crashes affecting players across all platforms including the bug that caused certain players parted-up in the game to crash when matchmaking. Last night’s update should provide additional stability in terms of crashing.

  • General game improvements including:

    • Fix for various camos not unlocking during progression.

    • Fixed framerate drop issues.

    • Addressed known freezing issues.

    • Overall performance improvements.

    • Added fixes for stuttering and lag issues.


  • A recent NVIDIA hotfix addressed some critical issues. Please make sure you are running the game on drivers 526.61.

  • The PC benchmark map has been updated with a more accurate reading of the FPS display.



  • Enemy or live ping will remain disabled in multiplayer until a fix is ​​implemented with the launch of Season 01. This is due to a bug where ping remained on some players after death. KBM players are currently still able to danger ping.

  • The player icon on the minimap will no longer disappear after a player is revived in certain modes.


And there you have it folks, those were the latest patch notes, hopefully you saw the changes you were personally hoping for.

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Meta, Post-Patch

So, by way of conclusion, let’s answer your last question: what’s the meta after this most recent patch? You can find a brief overview of the short and mid-range meta below.

Short-Range Meta

You can find the current ranking of SMGs in MW2 herebut we think the most competitive option is the Vaznev 9k with the following loadout:

Vaznev 9k Meta
We’ve seen Shotzzy looking different with the Vaznev. | © Activision

Alongside this weapon we recommend using the knife in your secondary slot, and then taking a drill charge and a flash grenade. For field upgrades, Dead Silence is very strong, and for perks, we prefer Double Time, Bomb Squad, Hardline, and Birdseye.

Mid-Range Meta

You can find the current rundown of the best AR’s in MW2 herebut at the moment we recommend the M4 with the following build:

M4 Meta
if you want an optic, then drop the underbarrel. | © Activision

In a mid-range loadout like this we suggest taking the X13 as your secondary weapon, alongside a drill charge and a flash grenade. For field upgrades we recommend the Portable UAV, and for perks, we go for Bomb Squad, Battle Hardened, Hardline, and Ghost.

Those were the patch notes, and our recommendation for post-patch loadouts. We’ll see you next week for more!

The loadouts described above are just a suggestion, but for a broader understanding of the best weapons in the game, check out this vid:


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