$265 Million Worth Soccer Team’s Fans Protest American Millionaire and ‘Hollywood’s Virtual Reality Guru’ With a 10-Word Banner

There’s just one minor difference between a soccer fan and any other sports fan. Soccer fans are much more vocal and demanding of their soccer club owners on a consistent basis. English Premier League soccer club, Crystal Palace has been on the news recently. Palace’s fans turned up with a ‘strong-worded’ banner inside the stadium.


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The fans then unveiled the banner during the game. The pictures of the banner have gone viral ever since. They are sending out a strong message to one of their owners after his new investment in the club.


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Crystal Palace fans turn up with an eye-opening banner at a live soccer game

Crystal Palace was playing Manchester United at Selhurst Park. The Eagles have had a fairly decent season and are currently sitting in 12th place. Palace’s fans were sending out a message to one of their co-owners John Textor. Textor is an American businessman who is also known as ‘Hollywood’s Virtual Reality Guru’. He recently increased his stake in Crystal Palace to more than 40%.

Textor has quite a diverse range of soccer clubs in his portfolio. While he just increased his stake at Palace, the American businessman also just completed his takeover of the French soccer club, Lyon about a month ago. Additionally, Textor also owns stakes in Botafogo and RWD Molenbeek.

While Textor might be looking towards the best interests of the club, the fans do not trust him at all. During their last game, the Eagles unveiled a banner that read, “Multi-club ownership, stock market gambling. Textor, we don’t trust you”. Even though the club has always been in need of funds, the Palace fans did not like it when Steve Parish sold such a big chunk of the club alone to Textor.


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Steve Parish is one of the co-owners of Crystal Palace. He’s one of the most loved people in town after he saved the club from administration back in 2012. However, over the years due to multiple investors getting involved, Parish reportedly owns only about 10% of the club at this point.

Who is ‘Hollywood’s Virtual Reality Guru’?

John Textor might not be the most trusted individual in the soccer world. However, Textor is one of the most popular and capable businessmen out there in the field of technology. Over the years, Textor has worked wonders with his technology and shocked the world. Textor was the one who brought back Michael Jackson and Tupac ‘virtually’ back to life with the help of technology in 2014 and 2012 respectively.

In 2013, Textor established Pulse Evolution. Pulse Evolution specializes in creating digital humans in the Virtual Reality domain. The American businessman was always credited with being way ‘ahead’ of his time. Back in 2016, Textor confidently told Forbes, “I see a very near future where digital humans are everywhere and we are probably the only company that is really trying to build digital humans for what we think is going to be very large demand”.


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Rich businessmen don’t always necessarily become good owners of soccer clubs. Crystal Palace’s fans already have an issue with Textor after he acquired a massive stake in the club. It remains to be seen if Textor can flip into the good books of the fans and actually help the Eagles actually compete for the European spots on the table.


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What do you think about the fans’ gesture to shockingly unveil a banner against one of their co-owners at a live game? Let us know in the comments below.

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