7 PlayStation VR2 launch games you won’t want to miss

The VR space is ever-expanding with new headsets and technology pushing the medium forward in impressive ways, but it’s usually the games and how they take advantage of each headset that matters most. That’s why Sony is ensuring that its upcoming PlayStation VR2 — set to launch February 22 — has a diverse lineup of titles that showcase what its new device is capable of achieving.

While many of these titles are updated ports from other headsets, the sheer number of unique experiences in the PSVR2 launch window means there should be a bit of something for everyone. If you’re planning to snag the headset next month, here are seven launch games that you’ll want to keep on your radar as you plan out what to buy first.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain

Horizon Call of the Mountain game still with characters in a boat.

Sony has positioned Horizon: Call of the Mountain as the PSVR2’s killer app, and it’s easy to see why. Expanding on the world and story of one of the company’s most popular first-party franchises, Call of the Mountain is a visual showcase unlike anything else currently in the launch window. The game’s gorgeous vistas are already a thing to behold based on early trailers, but being able to experience the thrill of the series’ massive robot dinosaurs walking over you or attacking you in breathtaking action sequences is all but certain to elevate this one to a must -have for most PSVR2 owners.

Moss and Moss: Book II

moss 2 press image showing Quill and other characters in action poses

Moss swear Moss: Book II were originally released to widespread acclaim for Sony’s first VR headset, but both games are now headed to PSVR2. Each will come with updates that take advantage of the PSVR2’s new controllers. The Moss franchise blends third-person platforming with first-person interaction to amazing effect, letting players assist adorable mouse protagonist Quill on her quests through a beautiful, dangerous fairytale world. While perhaps not the visual powerhouse of something like Horizon: Call of the Mountainthese two beloved and emotional journeys are certain to warm all but the coldest hearts — even if the lack of a free upgrade for existing owners is a bit disappointing.

Firewall Ultra

first-person perspective of a hand holding a gun

First-person multiplayer shooter Firewall Zero Hour was a standout hit for PS VR when it launched back in 2018, prompting developer First Contact Entertainment to push ahead with its upcoming sequel Firewall Ultra for PSVR2. Set five years after the original game, this remarkably detailed tactical shooter lets players squad up for strategic PVP and brand-new expanded PVE content across multiple modes with all new contractors, weapons, and maps. The team has even promised that it has answered fans’ cries for a round-based structure and dedicated servers, too. Although a release date has not been formally announced, this thrilling action game has the potential to be the go-to multiplayer experience during the PSVR2 launch window.

Zenith: The Last City

players congregate around a point of interest

MMOs are an obvious choice for VR, but the genre has previously struggled to land particularly well with players due to the poor quality of releases. That all changed with Zenith: The Last City when it hit early access on headsets last year. This anime-style role-playing adventure has been a huge hit with players around the world thanks to its accessible gameplay and interesting world design, which has ensured that developer Ramen VR has remained dedicated to keeping the game updated regularly with fresh content. With improved graphics and a completely free upgrade for PS VR owners, Zenith: The Last City is likely to only see further success on PSVR2.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 has been one of the best-received racing titles in recent memory, and the announcement that the game is set to receive a free day-one upgrade for PSVR2 has been met with praise from across the industry. With 4K visuals and all of the unique controller innovations the PSVR2 promises, this should be the most immersive way for players to enjoy racing in Sony’s beloved sim racer. For those interested, the game can even be taken online to play against others while in VR mode, making this one of the PSVR2’s most enticing offerings for those seeking multiplayer challenges on launch day.

Resident Evil Village

Player battling creature in Resident Evil Village Gold Edition.

Given the popularity of Resident Evil 7‘s VR mode, it was a no-brainer that Resident Evil Village would make its way to virtual reality, too. A free DLC update will be available on day one to owners of the original game and will allow them to play through the entire campaign in a freshly designed VR mode. The new mode will have some exclusive features, too, such as allowing players to hold two weapons at once (one in each hand) and embracing more interactive reloading by using the PSVR2 controllers. It may not be an entirely new survival horror game, but it’ll allow fans to see the whole story from an enveloping first-person perspective.


a huge squid moves things around an island

Tentacles made its debut last year on other headsets and quickly captured the hearts of VR fans everywhere. Players take on the role of a gentle but giant squid who has been raised by the human denizens of a small coastal town as it tries to discover its true origins by solving a variety of environmental puzzles around the island. While it certainly provides some brain-teasing moments, this humorous physics-based title is all about the laid-back and humorous vibes that should put it on the right track to be a winner when it lands on PSVR2.

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