Real-World Gaming Village: How Undercity is Changing VR Gaming Forever

Since the creation of the metaverse concept, countless projects have emerged looking to become the metaverse of all metaverses. Powerhouses such as Meta (previously Facebook) have funneled billions of dollars into the production of metaverses, yet it’s still developing.

At the same time, a wide range of crypto-based metaverses have also emerged but have yet to find a solid user base with falling crypto prices. Furthermore, the majority of projects haven’t tried to integrate modern technologies, such as VR gaming, into their ecosystems.

Well, a new player in town intends to bridge the gap between Web 3 and the real world by establishing a Gaming Village in France.

Meet Undercity.

What is Undercity?

Undercity is bringing a revolutionary approach to bringing Web 3 into the real world by creating the first gaming society based on blockchain technology.

The project is the first bridge between the digital and real worlds by creating the world’s first gamer village, comprised of a 10,000 m2 facility that allows gamers to come and play in the gaming ecosystem and metaverse.

Undercity will organize events, build projects, and grow the community in the village. It is designed to be a space where blockchain players can meet together to re-imagine the entire concept of Web3.

The entire concept of Undercity is built around three key areas; Community, Ecosystem, and Gaming.

The team behind Undercity believes that the future of blockchain will be through decentralized communities with physical venues where the citizens of Web3 can meet and interact, both physically and virtually.

The Undercity ecosystem is comprised of three main projects;

  1. Undercity1 – the real-world gaming village
  2. The Undercity Battle Royal game
  3. The platform

What’s Inside the Gaming Village?

Located in France, Undercity1 is the first web3 village to welcome gamers, roleplayers, and cosplayers to the village. In addition, it will be the first act-to-earn gaming village in Europe. It’s built to become the dream place for video gamers across the globe.

The facility consists of 10,000 m2 of space that contains separate areas for specific activities, including;

  • Virtual reality room
  • Streaming room
  • Gaming Room
  • Cinema
  • Activities Area
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Accommodation
  • Wellness Area

Together, the entire ecosystem provides everything a gamer would need to work, play, and live in their dream location.

The virtual reality room will be a place for gamers to come and immerse themselves in their favorite virtual universes. Fully equipped with hi-tech equipment, the VR room will let users access the metaverse and play their favorite games.

The streaming room will be available for all members to book in advance to stream their favorite games. Undercity will provide four fully equipped rooms dedicated to streaming, fully equipped with web3 video game streaming equipment.

Furthermore, Undercity will contain a retro gaming room filled with old-school gaming consoles and arcade machines. It will also include a modern gaming room, complete with the latest generation consoles for gamers.

The rest of the facility, such as the restaurant, activities area, and wellness center, is designed for lifestyle activities. Some of the activities in these spaces will include ax throwing, massage rooms, wellness areas, and container cyberpunk pools.

The great thing about Undercity is that users can access the gaming village without physically being there. The team intends to recreate the entire gaming village in the metaverse, allowing users across the globe to access the village.

In its essence, Undercity aims to create a decentralized community by blending the Web3 gaming space with the real-world gaming village.

The First Blockchain-Based Role-Playing FPS Game

The first gaming product from Undercity will be a blockchain-based virtual reality role-playing first-person shooter metaverse. Styled as a Battle Royale, similar to Players Unknown Battle Grounds, players will have to battle with friends to survive until the end of the game to earn rewards.

In the game, players can collect weapons, upgrade levels to complete missions and earn NFTs and tokens along the journey.

Undercity intends for the game to become one of the cornerstones in the blockchain-based esports sector, giving birth to an entirely new genre of the competitive industry.

The team has released a gameplay demo that you can watch;

In addition to the blockchain-based shooting game, Undercity also has plans to release a platform called The details of this feature are still under wraps, but it looks like a highly polished dedicated streaming platform for members of the gaming village.

Presale is scheduled for February

To bring the gaming village to life, Undercity is undergoing a presale for its native token, UND. In total, 57 million UND tokens will go up for sale in a presale that will increase prices over five stages.

The first stage will sell the token at a price of $0.35. Once 5.7 million UND tokens are sold, the price will increase to $0.43 in stage 2. After that, the price for the presale will continue to increase until stage five, which will price the token at $0.87.

Undercity is dedicated to ensuring that UND is not just a finance token. Instead, they plan for UND to become a utility token that is tied to the overall gaming village. The token will be used for the following;

  • Paying the entrance fees to Undercity – a one-time payment.
  • Paying for long and short-term accommodation rentals.
  • Paying for premium games.
  • Paying for Undercity activities with a 5% discount applied.
  • Paying for items in the shop, restaurant, and bars.
  • Ruminating developers of the games, creators, and actors.
  • Paying for rental of gaming setups and streaming rooms.

Overall, Undercity is taking the gaming industry in a new direction by combining the decentralized Web3 world with a real-world facility, allowing gamers worldwide to meet, socialize, and plan the future direction for Web3 gaming.

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