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Muslim World League launches travelling versions around the world of museums and exhibitions of Prophet Mohamed’s life

CAIRO – 5 June 2022: In an international celebration witnessed by religious and intellectual figures, His Excellency Secretary-General of the Muslim World League, Chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, announced, from the premises of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), the completion of the requirements for the first launch of traveling versions around the world of museums and exhibitions of Prophet Mohamed’s life , starting in the Moroccan capital Rabat. He made clear that the launch of the Kingdom of Morocco’s version was praised and sponsored by His Majesty King Mohammed VI.


In an extensive press conference accompanying the celebration of the announcement, Dr. Al-Issa revealed that on Monday July 25 2022, he will receive the guests of the first version of the traveling museums of the Prophet’s Biography and Islamic Civilization starting at premises of ISESCO in Rabat. This reveals the Islamic countries’ welcoming the start of the roaming launch around the world. This version will be considered as a permanent and approved one in cooperation with the Kingdom of Morocco, and it will also be placed in one of the museums in cooperation with the Kingdom especially that the Moroccan scholarships made significant contributions throughout Islamic history. All this contributed to enriching the volumes of Prophet Mohamed’s Sunnah in the system of scholarships of the Islamic nation who made great contributions and participations, which were displayed in museums and exhibitions of Prophet Mohamed’s biography and Islamic civilization in Madinah. These museums and exhibitions were highly supported and sponsored by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his Crown Prince, Muhammad bin Salman, who exert sincere and arduous effort to serve Islam and Muslims. Dr. Al-Issa also affirmed that the Muslim World League is a great contribution dedicated to the Islamic world by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa gave and offered a detailed explanation of the international museums of the Prophet’s biography and Islamic civilization, which are considered a precedent of its kind in the history of introducing the Prophet’s life and Islamic civilization. Dr. Al-Issa touched upon the museum’s modern display techniques that narrate and document in detail Prophet Mohamed’s life (PBUH) these modern techniques and technologies were introduced by a batch of great specialists and scientists. Dr. Al-Issa explained that these museums and exhibitions provide visitors around the world – both Muslims and non-Muslims – with important information that carries the lofty values ​​and principles of Islam.


This first launch of the unique and practical notion (roaming versions of the Museum of Prophet Mohamed’s life and Islamic Civilization from its headquarters in Madinah) comes within the ambition of the Muslim World League to expand the scope of its exceptional experience for the project themed “ Prophet Mohamed’s biography as if You Live It ”to reach everyone around the world.


For his part, His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Ebadi, Secretary-General of the Muhammadiyah Association of Scholars in the Kingdom of Morocco, stressed that modern technologies require institutions that bear the responsibility of introducing the honorable character and the Prophet’s biography to keep pace with technological developments in order to reach the target audience , and enhance interaction with young people and adolescents, given that they spend a large portion of their time following the digital contents.

Meanwhile, His Excellency Dr. Salim bin Muhammed Al-Malik, Director-General of ICESCO, praised the important strategic cooperation between ISESCO and the Muslim World League and the Muhammadiyah Association of Scholars. He also welcomes the hosting of this version in Rabat within the framework of the celebration of Rabat, the capital of culture in the Islamic world 2022.

It is noteworthy that the museum’s presentation languages, hosted by Rabat, are Arabic, English and French, and the museum includes ten diverse and comprehensive pavilions, which are displayed through a package of modern technologies and advanced interactive displays including holographic technologies, virtual reality technologies , augmented reality, 3D displays in addition to “Magic Box” technologies, interactive 3D displays, stereoscopic technology supported by interactive link technology along with the educational panorama and other techniques and presentation methods that provide encyclopedic contents in an accessible and creative manner suitable for all ages.

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