Oxnard limits outdoor watering to once a week

Oxnard has limited outdoor watering to one night each weekend in an effort to conserve water.

The City Council declared a local emergency Tuesday in response to the state’s drought and inadequate water supply. Oxnard’s resolution implements several restrictions.

“We’re taking a very focused look at everywhere we’re using water and we’re going to try to do everything we can to conserve,” said Joe Marcinko, the chief assistant public works director, on Friday.

Effective immediately, outdoor watering is limited to once a week, currently between 6 pm to 9 am on a specified day.

Home and business addresses ending in an even number can water on Saturdays. Odd-numbered addresses can water on Sundays. For addresses ending in fractions, the day will be based on the last whole number before the fraction. Someone living at 45 1/2, for example, would water on Sunday.

Oxnard has restricted outdoor water to one day a week, with some exceptions, to conserve water as the state presses through a severe drought.

Parks and schools are also affected by the declaration.

The limitations do not affect sports fields to maintain playability of the lawn, but Marcinko said the city will likely let them turn brown.

Trees and plants can be watered outside the designated periods with a watering can or a hose with a shut-off nozzle. Drip irrigation systems can also be used.

Those who violate the water restrictions will be charged up to 50% of their most recent utility bill or $ 50, whichever is greater.

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