Save £540 in the Sky Mobile Black Friday Sale

Dan Howdle | November 15th, 2022

50% off Sky Mobile 60GB SIM with handset deals

There are a number of different ways mobile providers attempt to lure new customers every year around Black Friday. Some offer free gifts of cashback, while others – like Sky Mobile – are lopping chunks off the monthly fee they charge for the SIM that comes with your new handset. Specifically, in this case, Sky Mobile’s 60GB SIM. And, if you’re not in the market for a new handset, Sky Mobile is also offering an extra 10GB data on its 15GB SIM only deal, and an extra 2GB on its 2GB SIM.

Sky Mobile Black Friday sale

50% off SIMs on Samsung or Apple handset contracts

Technically, this 50% Black Friday discount on Sky Mobile’s 60GB SIM is available with any handset it offers. So, sure, you can get this deal with your Doro, Nokia, Fairphone or Oppo handsets if your budget is tight. But ultimately, the main reason for Sky to offer this deal is so that it can bring some of the more top-end phones within the price range of a wider audience.

This deal, then, allows you to save £540 across the length of your contract on iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, as well as Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, Z Flip4 and S22 Ultra. The 50% discount brings down the iPhone 14, for example, to just £42 per month.

Extra 10GB data free with Sky Mobile 15GB SIM

The other deal Sky Mobile is offering is aimed at those who have a handset and just want a SIM. Its 15GB SIM – £12 per month – is now a 25GB SIM for the same money. Likewise, it is temporarily doubling the data on its 2GB SIM to 4GB, still £6 per month.

Realistically, 2GB or 4GB isn’t going to be enough data for most people, but – and it’s a big but – these SIMs are aimed at people who spend the vast majority of their time with their phone within wifi range and offer, therefore, an easy avenue to save some money.

It’s still not the cheapest data out there, but it does also provide a nice potential add-on route for anyone who wants to take out a handset contract with Sky Mobile and add a SIM or two for family members.

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Sky Mobile’s handset deals vs SIM only deals

If you’re in the market for signing up to a deal from Sky Mobile, it’s worth considering which of its deals is most appropriate for you.

Get a Sky Mobile handset contract if…

  • Your current handset is ancient – If you’re long overdue a handset upgrade, Black Friday is a great time to switch
  • You’re out of contract – If your current contract has already run its length and you’re looking for something newer, now is a good time
  • You want the latest and greatest – Sky Mobile is offering £540 off the price of its 60GB SIM when taken alongside a new handset

Get a Sky Mobile SIM-only deal if…

  • You’re happy with your current handset – Opting not to upgrade your handset every five minutes is a good money-saver, and let’s be honest we all need a bit of that right now
  • You need less data – Even with 25GB (up from 15GB in the deal), you won’t be watching movies on your phone all month unless you’re mostly within wifi range, and if you’re mostly within wifi range, you could be saving money on your mobile tariff
  • You already have quite a modern phone – Waste not want not, your current phone still does everything you need it to

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Sky Mobile is on the O2 network

There are only four actual mobile networks in the UK: O2, Three, Vodafone and EE. All the others – Sky Mobile, Virgin Mobile, SMARTY, giffgaff and many more – all piggyback onto one of these four. Sky Mobile is on the O2 network which, in a twist of fate, has recently merged with broadband and TV competitor Virgin Media.

Thankfully, operating on O2 means that 4G coverage is near-universal, and 5G coverage is growing fast, but still mainly focused in densely populated areas. Be sure and check your likely signal quality on Sky Mobile’s O2 coverage checker before you sign up, and bear in mind that indoor and outdoor signal strength can be quite different.

A good choice for Sky TV and Sky Broadband customers

Unfortunately, you won’t get any additional money off your Sky Mobile deal if you’re a Sky Broadband and/or Sky TV customer. This is because profit margins on both handsets and SIMs are extremely low.

However, there is still some benefit to getting all your services from a single provider. It keeps all your bills in one place and is easier to keep track of in terms of contract expirations and switching opportunities.

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