Slime Rancher 2: Where To Find The Best Blueprints | Useful Gadget Locations Guide

The best gadgets you don’t want to miss.

In your farm Slime Rancher 2 starts with a Fabricator, but nothing to fabricate! You’ll have a Gadget sub-menu that’s seemingly unused — but there is a way to unlock blueprints. Blueprints are hidden in Secret Pods. These egg-shaped storage devices hold many different blueprints. Most of them are purely cosmetic. We’re ignoring the cosmetics in this guide. Here’s where to find the blueprints that are going to do something for you. From jump-pads to auto-turrets, these are the blueprints you’ll want to track down first. If you aren’t looking carefully, you can easily miss these blueprints forever.

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Best Gadget Locations

The only way to go Gadgets is through Blueprints — Blueprints are crafting recipes, allowing you to create the gadget through the Fabricator.

Blueprints can only be earned by being hidden Pods. Pods are cunningly hidden all around the map, and there are tons of them. Most just give you basic decorations, but a small handful really give you something useful. We’re going to highlight the best ones you don’t want to miss. Check out the locations and maps below for help.

Hydro Turret: Rainbow Fields

Found at the northern peninsula. Take the right path as you enter Rainbow Fields and hop onto the small cove entrance. Beneath the high ledge with the cave entrance, there’s a pod containing this useful gadget.

The Hydro Turret is incredibly useful for defending your ranch. Place it and it will automatically shoot invading Tarr Slimes. If a Tarr Slime outbreak occurs, the Hydro Turret is your best line of defense. Absolutely invaluable to get this as early as possible.

Med Station: Rainbow Fields

Found directly underneath the Starlight Strand Portal in the southwest of Rainbow Fields, on the beach. Look in a small rock alcove to collect the pod.

The Med Station heals you in exchange for power. A handy gadget to have when Tarr Slimes are going on a rampage.

Jetpack Drive: Ember Valley

Located in the watery cave directly north of the Ember Valley portal. After reaching the area, go forward and find the hidden path on the right — this leads into a large cave with a Rock Gordo at the top. Feed the Rock Gordo veggies to reveal a geyser. Ride the geyser up to find the pod.

A simple but useful upgrade that enhances your jetpack, giving you more lift. Very handy for exploring the deep sections of Ember Valley or Starlight Strand.

Pink Warp Depot: Rainbow Fields

Found in an underground cave in the yellow section in the center-south of Rainbow Fields. You can only reach this area with a Jetpack — jump up into the raised ledge to reach the danger area filled with feral slimes. Enter the cave to collect the gadget.

This unique gadget is actually two linked gadgets — you can place a Warp Depot anywhere on the map, then place another one at your base. The depot will warp anything you put into the device back to the linked depot. There are four total depots you can unlock (Pink, Blue, Gray and Violet) that make collecting tons of resources in each region reliably easier.

Spring Pad: Starlight Strand

In the very far south of Starlight Strand, reach the raised ledge with the final Starlight Strand map fragment. On this high ledge, you’ll also find a hole in the back — drop down and collect the pod to gain the spring pad.

This gadget lets you bounce up high in the air like a geyser. Not incredibly useful normally, especially if you get the jetpack, but it might make exploration more convenient in certain areas. Especially if you want to revisit for farming often.

Dash Pad: Ember Valley

West of the portal into Ember Valley, travel to the large open area with the geyser. Use the Jetpack to climb up to the hollow pillar with a pod inside.

The gadget is the Dash Pad — placing these down speeds up your movement! Pretty useful for getting around your Conservatory faster.

That’s all of our favorite gadgets we’ve found so far. We’ll give more useful pod locations if we discover more that are especially useful!

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