Stuart Daulman: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet) | Comedy

Hhey internet, it’s me, Stuart Daulman. I know we’ve been together for a long time and wow, what a time it’s been. It’s just… you’ve changed. Like, really changed. I remember when things were simple, when I had to earn time with you by making sure the landline was free. You were just a source of information and entertainment back then, and you didn’t take everything I said, see and subscribe to, in order to use it against me or make me spend time and money.

And now you’re so … available. I’d like to say I’ve moved on, but we both know that this won’t end. I’ll be back on my devices in no time, mindlessly scrolling away. It’s an endless cycle and there’s nothing we can do about it. I love you, internet, and I think it’s time we take this relationship further. Let’s move in together – I’ve just applied for a two-bedroom house in Reservoir with a nice backyard. It’s going to be good.

1. Fire Truck – Dame Da Ne Baka Mitai

This little beauty was sent to me by my like-humored friend Jade. We have collaborated on a bunch of projects in the past, mostly I think because we appreciate this kind of stuff. It’s shocking, funny and silly. It’s a truck and it sings. Nothing matters. (And the rider didn’t die.)

2. Come Over – Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job

This is a karaoke song sketch from one of the most inspirational comedy duos of the last 20 years. It’s a really beautiful song that you can request at karaoke nights (which I have done before). If you sing it well, you’ll be sure to impress your friends and maybe meet the person of your dreams. Who knows?

3. This possessed singing trout

I found this on a deep YouTube journey a while ago and have never looked back. From start to finish, this video will have you ROFLing all the way to the bank – the bank of laughter. Next please!

4. Never Gonna Hit Those Notes

Let’s face it, folks, we’ve all been Rick Rolled once or twice, but let’s step back for a second and actually appreciate this song and how special it truly is. And like the best organic materials, a meme can be recycled forever.

5. This fake Bunnings ad

Xavier Michelides has long been one of my favorite comedians. His character standup bits are infamous, and this face swap sketch he made is so funny. It’s super silly and that should be celebrated.

6. Kings of Leon – Shred

It’s so crazy, I’ve seen Kings of Leon live in concert before and I remember them being wayyyyyy better than this. They must have had an off night. Regardless of this misstep, I’m still a fan. Particularly of their older stuff that was never butchered by the sea of ​​traditions’ radios peppering our golden landscape.

7. Ainsley Harriott exe

I’ll be the first to admit – the internet is a strange place. Strange, but also wonderful. Here is an edit of the celebrated TV chef Ainsley Harriott cooking up something delicious for us. That’s it…

8. Kyle Mooney: a SoCal bro shares his feelings

Kyle Mooney is really funny. This was done before he made it on SNL. Brigsby Bear is also a really great independent film that’s very funny, silly and makes you happy. Check it out.

9. The Interstellar soundtrack

Nothing necessarily funny about this video. I’ve just chosen it to acknowledge one of the best soundtracks ever to be produced, for a film very close to my heart. We are not far off Interstellar becoming a reality soon, so why not zone out – and prepare yourself for the future, because it’s coming a lot faster than we think.

10. This 10-hour video of Gandalf dancing

Do you ever go into your local electronics store and peruse the computer section? Check the “About This Mac” tab? Well I certainly will. And this is the perfect video to fully test a computer’s capabilities. It’s got a catchy tune and a familiar face to boot. Side note: this is also a banger you can put on at a party, and see how long it plays before people realize. Harmless pranks on your friends are cool; it really helps solidify relationships and, after the last few years we’ve had, that’s just what we all need.

Stuart Daulman is performing his show haha ​​on 21 July at Comedy Republic in Melbourne. He also runs YESYESYES, a monthly comedy night at the Motley Bauhaus in Carlton. You can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter on @stu_what for updates and silly bits

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