Tacx launches new Neo Bike Plus smart bike

Today, Garmin-Tacx brings an updated smart bike – the Tacx Neo Bike Plus – to market, in a move which marks not only an update from a single company but also an acknowledgment of the ever-growing role of indoor training in the larger ecosystem .

Years ago, you’d have taken an old bike and put it on a turbo trainer, or maybe rollers, and spent your time staring at a timer managing intervals or watching reruns of Paris-Roubaix on a DVD you found at the back of the video store. These days, the old bike on a turbo-trainer often still encapsulates the experience of riding indoors, but now the turbo-trainer is smart and you ride in an immersive virtual world. There are even other people in the world to ride with. It’s changed the whole ecosystem of cycling, but it continues to grow and change every year.

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