GTA 6 New Trailer: When Will It Be Released? Check It Out!

GTA 6 New Trailer: Grand Theft Auto 6 has been anticipated by fans for a decade, and although it’s highly improbable that the open-world game will launch this year, GTA fans may still have good reason to look forward to 2023.

Grand Theft Auto 5’s unparalleled popularity caused Rockstar Games to decide not to rush the release of the next game in the popular series, especially because the GTA Online multiplayer mode is still very well-liked today.

Instead of putting more effort into Grand Theft Auto 6, Rockstar Games has concentrated on producing fresh content updates for Grand Theft Auto Online, which is still one of the most well-liked multiplayer games in the world.

As a result, Rockstar tried to fill the void with updated iterations of GTA 5 and the open-world western Red Dead Redemption 2, but an entire console generation came and went without a new Grand Theft Auto game to play.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been available for almost ten years, but Rockstar Games is now starting to move on. Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently under development, but Rockstar has not provided any further information in an official announcement.

But 2023 will likely be the year when GTA fans finally get to see the eagerly anticipated game for the first time.

Grand Theft Auto 6 New Trailer Reveal Seems Likely for 2023

Although nothing formal has been confirmed, fans should keep their hopes in check. Nevertheless, it seems likely that Rockstar Games will give Grand Theft Auto 6 a real reveal in 2023.

Even though Rockstar Games just recently made Grand Theft Auto 6 officially official in February, the project has been in production at the studio for years at this point. How Grand Theft Auto 5’s reveal and release were handled may provide insight into what to anticipate from GTA 6.

GTA 6 New Trailer
GTA 6 New Trailer

According to trustworthy insiders, Grand Theft Auto 6 will probably be released around 2024 or 2025. Grand Theft Auto 6 is probably going to follow a similar release schedule to Grand Theft Auto 5, which was originally teased in 2011—two full years before it was officially made available to the general public.

Fans should anticipate the unveiling taking place at some point later this year if the game is aiming for a 2024 or 2025 release. When it comes to the potential release date of GTA 6, the odds are in favor of October 2023.

After all, Red Dead Redemption 2 was unveiled in October 2016, while Grand Theft Auto V debuted in October 2011.

Although Rockstar Games may follow the pattern, it’s also feasible that the game will have its official debut on a different day as part of a press conference or event hosted by another major corporation, such as Sony or Microsoft.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date: When Is GTA 6 Coming Out?

Grand Theft Auto 6’s release date has not been disclosed by Rockstar Games. However, a few inquisitive online users have offered their best hypotheses. Multiple sources have corroborated the rumor that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be published in 2025 and would take place in a future version of Vice City.

Perhaps a release in 2025 is on target given that recent GTA 6 leaks seem to reveal a redesigned Vice City setting. There have been rumors, though, that Grand Theft Auto 6 might release as soon as 2024.

The original Bloomberg story states that “current and former Rockstar personnel estimate GTA 6 is still at least two years away from release, implying a 2024 launch.”

Microsoft’s most recent response to the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) inquiry into its continuing acquisition of Activision Blizzard serves as additional proof of this.

In the document, Microsoft noted that “the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI is slated to debut in 2024.” Then perhaps Grand Theft Auto 6’s release will happen sooner than we anticipate.

Will GTA 6 Be On PlayStation 4/Xbox One?

We’d be shocked if GTA 6 was accessible for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One given how ambitious it seems and how far away from release it is. By the time the game is officially released, these platforms will be more than ten years old! So it seems safe to assume that GTA 6 will only be available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and new-generation consoles (PlayStation 5).

Grand Theft Auto 6 Gameplay

We can’t say for sure how Grand Theft Auto 6 will play or how it will improve on Grand Theft Auto 5 because Rockstar hasn’t released a GTA 6 trailer yet. However, it’s obvious from the early development of the film that iterations of several new mechanics are being researched and tested by Rockstar.

For instance, it looks like a new set of stealth features is being introduced, as evidenced by a video showing characters dragging bodies and creeping while prone.

Additionally, Rockstar is reportedly adding new health-boosting goods like medicines, and the weapon wheel, which was revamped for GTA 5, is making a partial comeback.

We can also see that the Five Star “Wanted” system is making a comeback and that the VCPD has upgraded its AI monitoring routines for Jason and Lucia after you come within their sights.

Will GTA 6 Have Multiplayer Online Mode?

GTA 6 Online will undoubtedly be released if the present GTA Online multiplayer game (based on GTA V) is any clue. However, we don’t have to rely solely on conjectures. Also listed in their descriptions are “online” games on Rockstar Games’ website for job openings.

This important nugget reveals the evolution of future online multiplayer features for GTA 6. Although keeping in mind their current staff, it may also mean brand-new content for GTA 5 Online.

Upcoming Single Player DLC With New Cities

Tez2, a leaker with a solid track record, has asserted that GTA 6 might have story-based DLCs, which has fueled the speculation of expanded maps. The GTA VI DLCs, according to Tez2, will bring new missions and cities that extend the existing narrative rather than offering stand-alone content.

The report also mentions that these cities will take the shape of islands that may be explored and have single-player objectives. However, it won’t be unexpected to see them incorporate multiplayer missions into GTA Online.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaks

While it’s unclear how much of Grand Theft Auto 6 Rockstar Games will be willing to show off in 2023, leakers and business insiders will probably cause additional information about the game to surface.

Extremely early gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto 6 appeared online, seemingly confirming details like its male and female protagonists, Vice City as the game’s setting, and some gameplay elements that fans could anticipate in the finished product.

This leak, one of the biggest in the industry’s history, caused the game to suffer. A Grand Theft Auto 6 leak of that magnitude is unlikely to occur again, although additional information about the game will probably leak to the public.

Naturally, some Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks will be entirely false, but some others may probably contain accurate information that fans should check out.

Although leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has a long history of accurate leaks, so it’s unlikely that GTA 6 will be an exception. Rockstar Games has not made any announcements about Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2023 as of this writing.

Even while it seems odd, it’s certainly possible that the year may pass without any significant GTA 6 leaks, trailers, or reveals. I

n the end, Grand Theft Auto 6 fans will want to keep a watch out for the first official trailer and other information in the months to come, with October 2023 appearing to be the most appropriate month for such an occasion.

While they wait for Rockstar Games to make the formal announcement, fans should have enough of Grand Theft Auto 6 “leaks” to consider, both real and bogus.

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