The Pixel 7 is the best phone for parents and pet owners

Smartphone cameras are pretty amazing. Even without a giant DSLR lens, phones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can zoom in up to 100x away or capture moments at 8k resolution, making videos ultra future-proof. But what about capturing a photo of your kids, who just don’t seem to be able to sit still no matter how many times you tell them?

That’s why, for the last year (opens in new tab), I’ve been recommending Google’s Pixel line of phones for parents. When it comes to capturing objects in motion — whether that’s your kids or your pets — no phone can do what a Pixel can do. Google further enhanced that trait this year with Photo Unblur (opens in new tab) which can take older photos and flour them even if they weren’t taken by a Pixel phone. That’s nothing short of incredible.

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