US mulling bans to stunt China’s quantum computing – Asia Times

Last November, IBM launched its 127-qubit Eagle, surpassing China’s 113-qubit Jiuzhang to become the world’s fastest quantum computer. Now, China risks falling further behind in the quantum computing race as the United States reportedly weighs new export controls on the game-changing technology.

The new ban, if implemented, would target quantum computing, artificial intelligence software and other emerging technologies that could have security implications vis-a-vis China. The ban would mark a next salvo on the Biden administration’s October 7 move to block high-end chips and advanced chip-making equipment exports to China.

Bloomberg reported that US industry experts are now weighing in on the potential parameters of the restrictions, which are still preliminary, and that US allies are being consulted. Analysts say any such ban would further antagonize China, which strongly protested the October 7 ban, and could put the two rivals on a dangerous collision course.

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