Varjo Reality Cloud Supports Unity, Unreal Engine

This Wednesday, Varjo Reality Cloud revealed a massive update integrating two leading real-time 3D (RT3D) graphics engines. Reality Cloud is a system that streams virtual and extended reality (VR/XR) applications directly to a Varjo brand headset such as the VR-3, XR-3, and Aero.

The enterprise-grade immersive software-as-a-service (SaaS) now supports RT3D design projects from Unity and Unreal Engine 5 (UE5). The platform now supports design projects running on Unity and UE5, streaming VR/XR content at human eye resolution.

The Unity and UE5 RT3D engines power several enterprise-grade services. Reality Cloud’s integration enables businesses to stream more XR projects for use cases in gaming, entertainment, and healthcare.

Reality Cloud enables immersive developers to easily share their creations across a design team, enabling a company to scale a service exponentially. Therefore, allowing employees to adopt XR across new roles, locations, and hardware for broader use cases.

Urho Konttori, the Co-Founder and CTO of Varjoadded,

“We make it easy for companies to jumpstart their industrial metaverse strategy, and we are excited to extend Varjo Reality Cloud to the developer community with the addition of Unity and Unreal Engine”

The update solidifies the company’s vision of providing the highest quality immersive streaming solution, marking Varjo’s commitment to becoming a Metaverse service provider.

Leveraging Interoperable Cloud-XR Streaming

Varjo headset operators can stream highly demanding VR/XR applications and projects using Reality Cloud. The immersive SaaS leverages platform-exclusive features, like foveated rendering, to empower professionals by allowing them to harness VR/XR collaboration, guidance, and training opportunities.

Notably, the Reality Cloud platform champions interoperability enabling VR/XR developers to stream a project across mobile phones and desktops. In the future, Varjo also plans to add support for additional untethered XR headsets, iOS smartphones, and Windows desktops.

Varjo Reality Cloud Smartphone example

An example of Reality Cloud operating on a Smartphone, enabling an XR developer to stream immersive content on a Varjo headset GIF: Varjo

Varjo Reality Cloud is available, with Unity and UE5 support, for $299 per month. Additionally, the Helsinki-based firm offers its Varjo Aero headset with a three-month Reality Cloud subscription as a bundle for $2,690. The firm also sells an enterprise edition via consultation.

Scaling an Enterprise Metaverse Platform

Varjo first introduced Reality Cloud in January and since its release, many enterprise clients, including automaker Rivian, have adopted the solution to enhance business operations with immersive tools. The adoption also enables Varjo and its clients to scale Metaverse services for enterprise operations.

The news comes just in time for Varjo’s debut of its Aero VR headset at consumer electronics retailer Gamestop, putting the Varjo brand and portfolio into the hands and minds of many. The GameStop alliance helps the firm scale its services and technology to new customers from various backgrounds.

Additionally, according to Ryunosuke Tsukidate, an XR/CGI/VFX Producer and Next-gen Renderer Project Manager at Information Services Internationals-DentsuVarjo Reality Cloud massively scales realistic metaverse creation and distribution so that users can access enterprise-grade immersive tools today, as opposed to waiting for a 5-6 year development period.

Tsukadate also added,

“Varjo’s high streaming quality allows for even the most graphically intensive experiences to be shown as the creators intended, without noticeable latency, in real-time. Human-eye resolution for immersive VR/XR streaming is an absolute game changer”

Reality Cloud also leverages tools such as the famous computer-aided design (CAD) platform Autodesk VRED to help design teams collaborate on projects using the streaming service and Varjo’s product portfolio. With Varjo’s tools, employees can host cloud-based collaboration sessions on Varjo Reality Cloud, enabling attendees to develop high-resolution 3D models for upcoming products.

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