More surprising details of Apple Glass leaked

2023 could be the year when we finally officially see Apple’s long-awaited mixed reality (with virtual reality and augmented reality features) wearable; the also known as the Apple Glass. The Cupertino company, in fact, could announce them even months before they go on sale to prevent data leaks or rumors from spoiling the surprise of the launch, although it seems that it is already late. A major leak coming from The Information has revealed the main features of these new glasses, which will arrive with a specific button to be able to make a transition between the real world and the virtual world, lenses with a larger field of vision vs. Meta Quest Pro and many more new features.

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting novelties, and of which we hardly knew any details, is. the dial that Apple Glass will include to be able to switch between the real world and the virtual world.. This button could arrive with a similar design to the digital crown that is included in the Apple Watch and that we also see in the AirPods Max, so we sense that by simply turning it we can activate the viewer to display content in virtual reality or augmented reality. Or, disable it so that we can only see the real world through the lenses.

And speaking of the lenses, users who commonly use glasses. will be able to use Apple Glass with customized prescription lenses that can be attached to the viewfinder magnetically. Apple’s mixed reality glasses will also have a small motor capable of automatically adjusting the interpupillary distance of the lenses. That is, the distance between the two pupils of the eyes. In this way, Apple Glass will be able to offer a field of vision adjusted for each user. This will be 120 degrees; much larger than other glasses, such as the Meta Quest Pro, whose angle is 106 degrees.

External battery, two processors and a headset with integrated speakers.

Apple Glass logo |  WWDC 2022Apple Glass logo |  WWDC 2022

One of the most curious details of Apple Glass will be its battery. This, in particular, could be a separate component to the viewfinder. The user would have to place it on the waist, and it would be connected to the headband of the glasses via a magnetic cable similar to the one the company includes in its Macs. Apparently, the battery will last less than 2 hours on a single charge, but they can be interchangeable.

Regarding the design, Apple Glass is expected to be constructed of aluminum, glass, and carbon fiber.The materials that will help make the visor lighter. The glasses will have a multitude of sensors, but most of them will be hidden for better aesthetics. Apple, on the other hand, would have developed two types of headsets.. One aimed at consumers, with a material similar to that used by the company in the sports straps of the Apple Watch and with built-in speakers, and another for developers. The headbands, however, will not be interchangeable, as previously rumored.

Apple Glass is expected to include a H2 chip to improve connectivity with AirPods Pro 2 and the company’s future headset models. Apple’s VR viewer would also arrive with two processors. One of them, the main one, would feature a CPU, a GPU, dedicated memory. The second will be a dedicated image signal processor responsible for improving the quality of distorted images captured through external cameras.

Some previously rumored features coming to Apple Glass.

Apple Glass, Apple VR GlassesApple Glass, Apple VR Glasses

The Information has also detailed some features that we already knew from previous leaks. Among them, that theApple Glass will have an external display so that users in the environment can see the person’s expressions wearing them. Of course, there will also be interior displays: two in this case, one for each eye, and with 4K resolution (both will form a view in 8K resolution).

Aiming for the eyes, there will also be. a dedicated camera to more accurately capture the person’s eye movements.and then reflect them in an avatar. The viewer will also feature more than a dozen cameras to capture facial expressions.

Regarding the software, the aforementioned media claims that Apple. will allow iOS apps to run on Apple Glass, although these will be displayed in 2D.. The glasses are also designed for virtual conferencing through avatars that will show all the facial expressions and movements made by the user. In addition, the AR/VR glasses will be intended for the use of apps in a more intuitive way. For example, to view a 3D map on a surface. They have also been designed to display educational resources, and not so much for games, as initially expected.

Apple Glass was planned to be launched in 2022, according to. The Informationbut the company decided to delay its announcement for unknown reasons. The virtual reality and augmented reality viewer is also expected to carry a hefty price tag: from 3,000 euros in its most basic configuration. They could be officially unveiled in 2023.

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