What Is Virtual Reality? Everything You Need to Know

VR stands for Virtual Reality, where users immerse themselves in a specifically designed/simulated environment for a specific purpose. For example, medical training, games, etc., which are explored without borders and boundaries in 360 degrees. VR creates a virtual, simulated environment where people interact in simulated environments using VR goggles or other devices. This tutorial on “What is Virtual Reality” will extend your boundaries to explore reality technology where the future is ahead!


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What Is Virtual Reality?

  • VR enhances the user experience to the next level via VR headsets or other VR devices like Oculus quest 2, Hp reverb G2 etc.
  • VR is a self-controlled environment where the user can control the simulated environment via a system.
  • VR enhances a fictional environment by using sensors, displays and other features like motion tracking, Movement tracking etc.


What Is the Need for Virtual Reality?

  • Virtual Reality allows users to create simulated, interactive and specifically designed environments for specific use.
  • It is designed for human interaction or for a specific reason to create experiences.
  • Unlike other reality technologies like AR and MR, VR enhances the user experience to the next level with its fully immersive and interactive technology.


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Applications of Virtual Reality

1. VR creates opportunities to conduct activities virtually, for example creating virtual excursions or field trips towards education.


2. Medical terms’ analysis and research are easier via VR, which avoids direct contact with harmful substances and hazardous risk factors.


3. In entertainment, Realtime experience of fictional characters or sci-fi movies, animations, and motions can be experienced by all using VR.


4. Prototyping helps the automotive industry avoid multiple designs and reduce resources by creating virtual designs using VR.


5. In terms of Defense, VR helps our brave men experience the battlefield environments in real-time to avoid unconditional situations in Reality.


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What Is the Difference Between VR and AR?





VR is completely virtual

AR uses a real-world entities enhancing digital content


VR users are controlled by the system

AR users can control their presence in the real world


VR requires compatible devices like a headset device

AR needs no specific device


VR only enhances a fictional reality

AR enhances both virtual and real world entities


VR is composed of cables and can be inaccessible over a specified distance.

AR is free from cables and free to move without any obstacles like distance.

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Future of Virtual Reality

As VR is in its early stage or towards its second generation in its advancement the future of VR lies on

  • Developing Virtual Reality headsets which can support up to 8K with much more powerful processors.
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence in VR.
  • 5G can also provide interesting scenarios for the evolution of VR.
  • Virtual shopping in a 3D view
  • Better geo-location system via indoor mapping etc.

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This tutorial on “what is Virtual Reality” unlocks the future of real and the digital world combination, which is said to be the next evolution in human, computer, and environmental interaction with endless possibilities that were limited to human imaginations. With Virtual Reality, interactive and immersive experience, and understanding of the world with a smart, connected, and network approach, Virtual Reality is ahead towards the future.

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