The Best VR Accessories For Next-Level Immersion

So, you’ve finally taken the leap into virtual worlds, enjoying new captivating landscapes and immersive dimensions; however, back on Earth that human body of yours keeps reminding you where you really are (not in a nice way). We’re talking aches, pains, and other inconveniences of the corporeal world. But don’t sweat it, we’ve got a handful of items that will help make your VR experience more comfortable and convenient.

The Advantage of VR Accessories

I know, I know. You just spent a ton of money on your VR headset and controllers, and maybe even a high-powered gaming PC or laptop. You’re not exactly keen to spend more right now. Totally understandable, but many of these items are extremely affordable (if not downright cheap), and they may really improve your experience of owning, transporting, and even playing with your VR system.

We’re going to focus primarily on the Oculus Quest 2 (now known as the Meta Quest 2) because it’s by far the best-selling VR headset in the world right now, but many of these accessories will work for other VR rigs, too . Anyway, let’s go straight into the items, completely with explanations about why you’re going to want them.

Silicone Cover by VR Cover

silicone cover by vr cover

VR Cover

This is the first thing I tell all my friends to buy when they get a VR headset: A simple silicone cover for the visor. This is especially true if you’ve got the Oculus/Meta Quest 2. While the padded ring that cushions the headset against your face is fairly comfortable at rest, once you start sweating all that goes out the window, and a lot of the best VR games will really make you sweat. A silicone barrier fits securely over the padded ring, and it feels silky smooth against your face, whereas the pad that comes installed feels rough when it gets wet. If it gets sweaty, just wipe it off. Way more comfortable and way more sanitary. Just make sure you’re getting the right silicone cover for your headset. I bought mine from VR Covers and they’ve worked well. They also block out some of the light that comes in around your nose, which makes the experience more immersive.

Price: $9


Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery and Carrying Case

quest 2 elite strap with battery and carrying case

Meta Quest

This one is for Quest 2 owners only. The strap that comes with the Quest 2 is… not great. It’s soft and comfortable at first glance, but it doesn’t offer much stability. There are a lot of games that are quite physically active and involve rapid head-turns. You want something that really locks the headset to your face. The Elite Strap does the job, and more. Not only does it keep your headset nice and tight, but it has a battery pack in the back. This helps balance out the weight, which makes it easier on your neck, and of course it increases your playtime two-fold. It also comes with a really nice carrying case for the entire Quest 2 kit.

Price: $129


Bhaptics Tactsuit X40 Haptic Vest

bhaptics tactsuit x40 haptic vest


This one is crazy, and it works with effectively every brand of VR rig out there. The Tactsuit X40 is a Bluetooth-connected vest that has a whopping 40 vibrating motors in it (20 on the front and 20 on the back). Why? It reengages a sense that is typically lacking in VR: Touch. Normally, if you get shot in a game there might be a sound effect and an on-screen indicator. With the Tactsuit, you actually feel dog! It doesn’t hurt (it just vibrates), but it actually helps you play. If you get shot from behind you feel it in your back and you know it’s time to turn around. And a gunshot feels different from a knife slash, or electrocution. It’s really wild.

Price: $499


KRX USB-C Cable (20-foot)

krx usb c cable


This one works great with the Quest, but it may play nicely with other headsets, too. The Quest is a standalone VR experience, meaning you don’t need a powerful gaming computer to play anything. But, if you happen to have a gaming computer, then you can use the Quest as a VR visor for the best games out there (including Half-Life: Alyx). While it can do this wirelessly now, the most efficient way to connect your Quest to the computer is with a cable. Meta (formerly Facebook) sells a nice long USB-C cable for this purpose, but it comes in at $80. In contrast, you can grab this 20-foot long cable from KRX for about $30.

Price: $31


Vive Trackers

vive trackers


If you’ve got the HTC Vive headset, then it’s worth spending a little more on a Vive Tracker or two. These small trackers allow everyday items to appear in VR, like gloves or perhaps a camera, but it goes beyond that. The Tracker helps to improve body tracking beyond just your head and your hands, so suddenly your system will be able to include detailed body movement mimicry. Definitely takes some games to the next level.

Price: $129


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