Nock VR review — why didn’t anyone tell me about this sick archery-soccer game?

Which stoner lit a blunt one day and thought “Bro, wouldn’t it be cool to make a soccer game, but, like, you’re playing as Robin Hood or somethin’?” Whoever you are, you’re a genius! Nock is a virtual reality (VR) title that launched in mid-March that lets you shoot with a bow and arrow like The Hunger GamesKatniss, but instead of targeting enemies, you’re hunting a humongous soccer ball.

I first tried this game at a Meta’s Reality Labs Showcase event, and I’m not going to lie, I hated it — at first. However, you and I both know that one of the many reasons people dislike certain competitive games is because they’re not good at it (hence why I cringe when anyone suggests that we go bowling). This isn’t a game that you can jump into and play intuitively — there is a steep learning curve

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