Why you need to play Persona 5 Royal on Xbox Game Pass

The fifth installment of Atlus’ critically acclaimed life simulator-meets-RPG series has finally arrived on Xbox and PC — here’s why it’s worth your time.

When it first launched on PS4 back in 2017, Persona 5 became an instant classic. Atlus’ unique combination of high school life simulator and action-packed RPG has been honed over the course of four mainline games, and Persona 5 took all of the lessons learned in that process to create another utterly spectacular game in the series.

As the newest mainline game in the series, Persona 5 brought along a whole new level of production value to a tried and tested concept. It also introduced new layers of complexity, both in terms of gameplay mechanics and story elements, making for a richer, more rewarding experience. Over the course of a 100+ hour story, players become immersed in a stylish imagining of Tokyo as they fall in love with a cast of relatable characters.

Arriving in 2020, Persona 5 Royal was an updated and expanded version of the hit game, adding new characters, game mechanics, and story elements to an already feature-rich title. Heaps of new activities were also added, along with optional objectives, new difficulty modes, and combat improvements. All of this combined with the already beloved story made Persona 5 Royal the definitive version of one of the finest RPGs ever created.

And now, Persona 5 Royal is available on Xbox Game Pass, bringing the superlative game to an even bigger audience. Not only that, but TrueAchievements is running a competition where you can win some magnificent Xbox Game Pass prizes just for playing Persona 5 Royal and unlocking a couple of achievements — check out the TrueAchievements competition page for all the deets, and read on to see why you shouldn’t miss out on this brilliant game.

First steps

In Persona 5 Royal, players step into the shoes of a nameless Tokyo high schooler who has recently transferred to the city after an unfortunate run-in with the law. Staying in his surly family friend’s spare room above his cafe, our protagonist enrolls in Shujin Academy high school, where he meets the first of his peers, Ryuji and Ann, who will go on to be his partners in crime. Through a talking cat named Morgana, the group discovers a secret world lurking within the hearts of the people around them — Palaces.

Through a series of unlikely events, the group learns that by battling through these Palaces (or, to use traditional gaming parlance, dungeons), they are able to change the cognition of their targets, forcing them to repent for their abuses and manipulations of those around them. Using their fighting Personas, the Phantom Thieves set to work changing the hearts of evil characters in their world, uncovering a devious plot along the way.

The dungeons in Persona 5 Royal are a joy to explore, as you battle, capture, and combine weird and wonderful creatures that can serve as your own personal Persona. Exploration has been streamlined in P5R, allowing you to zip about using a grappling hook in between solving puzzles and winning battles.

Combat is a traditional turn-based affair, with some creative twists. If you manage to exploit your enemies’ weakness, you’ll knock down your opponent, and then you can perform a Baton Pass, which allows one of your allies to get an extra turn. Be savvy with your moves and you can turn this into a chain of powerful spells that culminates in a devastating All-Out Attack. You can also use this moment to negotiate with your enemy, convincing them to part with money or treasure, or have them join your side.

Side quest

Back in the real world, there are tons of activities to explore as you strengthen your social bonds with your Confidants. Doing so will strengthen your Personas and allow you to add more powerful creatures to your roster. There’s a diverse range of characters to charm, including a dodgy doctor, a dodgy gun salesman, and a dodgy politician… okay, so some of them may have darker backgrounds than others, but through their unique storylines, you’ll form some unbreakable bonds .

Other pastimes can raise your social stats, boosting the actions you can take in both the real and ethereal worlds. Such activities include working a part-time job, fishing, studying, going on dates, visiting a maid cafe, chilling in a bathhouse, and many more. All of these activities have their own outcomes and rewards, so be sure to participate in as many as you can.

All of these elements feed into a wonderfully realized story filled with quirky characters, hilarious situations, unexpected twists, and moving moments. Even after 100 hours spent with this brilliant cast, it will still be hard to say goodbye as the credits roll.

New bond formed

Now, after a long wait, Persona 5 Royal has finally made it to Xbox platforms and Windows PC, introducing this modern classic to a huge new audience of gamers. With the game now on Xbox Game Pass, you can hop in for some quick sessions using Quick Resume and earn some tasty achievements — while also being in with a chance of winning some great prizes with TrueAchievements’ latest achievement challenge. If you haven’t yet formed a bond with Persona 5 Royal, there’s never been a better time to discover what all the fuss is about, especially as the game is included with your Xbox Game Pass subscription. Be sure to check out TrueAchievements to find out how you can win a top-up on your Xbox Game Pass and more!

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