Why Mobile Gaming Industry is the Future

There is no denying the fact that Mobile gaming has made some serious advances in the gaming industry. According to recent statistics, mobile games are making much more revenue than any other platform and that is thanks to some highly popular mobile games that people are very passionate about. Some of these games help developers make billions of dollars every year.

But we are not here to only focus on the revenue, there are many other factors that make us think if the Mobile gaming industry is the future of modern gaming. Is it a dog?

Is Mobile Gaming the Future?
Mobile gamers have long been considered casual gamers because the majority of the games developed for mobile devices are played casually. But over the past few years, a lot has changed in this regard and there are many mobile games out there doing serious business including Genshin Impact, PUBG, and more. Players are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to buy PUBGM items or Genshin accounts swear look cool. These are just a few of the many games that have helped shape the mobile gaming industry to compete against other platforms.

The reason mobile games are so popular is because of accessibility. Smartphones are becoming more powerful with the advancement in mobile technology, allowing developers to create better games that tend to be more power expensive. And since everyone has access to smartphones these days, it makes sense that game developers would try to capitalize on this ever-growing market that has seen a major spike in popularity since Pandemic.

Cloud Gaming Changes Everything
That’s just half of the story, the reason why I think Mobile is the future of gaming is because of Cloud Streaming. Cloud gaming services have been out and around for years now, allowing us to use our not-so-powerful devices to run power-hungry triple-A games without having to upgrade our system. Many big companies are focusing on cloud gaming services as it makes playing massive video games super easy.

We live in a world where the internet is far more accessible than it was a few years ago. Many of us have access to high-speed internet which allows us to stream triple-A video games right on our mobile devices. And that is what many big companies are after including Microsoft with its GamePass cloud gaming services that allow us to play games like HALO right on our mobile devices.

These are games many of us only wish to play on our PC or Consoles, just imagine playing them directly on your mobile device without having to spend a single dollar on any hardware. Although many people found the Google Stadia console to be lackluster, the service actually provides mobile streaming.

Still a Long Way to go…
The only issue with cloud gaming for many is that 5G internet services aren’t yet available everywhere. And none of these services have the slightest chance of success if the games have frequent lags, especially the competitive multiplayer titles. If you can’t get streamers and competitive players on mobile then it won’t work out for anyone. But we are getting there slowly with internet services getting better with every passing day.

And while it’s not the only issue, it’s a major factor why Cloud Gaming isn’t as popular as it should be with all its perks. And that is why I think big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are constantly working on improving their cloud services because they know something that many of us don’t.

And how could we possibly forget about Netflix when talking about streaming. Netflix has already started working on adding video games to their already popular streaming platform. While it’s still in its infancy with a small collection of video games, the company is constantly hiring experts from the video game industry to create original video games that players will be able to play using their Netflix subscription.

A lot is going on in the gaming industry right now and mobile games surely seem to be on the horizon to become the next big thing in the gaming industry alongside PC and Consoles. There are many examples out there in the past such as Pokemon GO, which took the entire gaming industry by storm, and literally, everyone was out in the real world chasing virtual Pokemon holding their smartphones.

And Cloud Gaming definitely sounds like a game changer for the mobile gaming industry as it has the potential to allow gamers to play the same console-quality video games right on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

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