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Online casino portals are getting an intense demand in the past several months. No doubt that land-based casinos are widely popular and they offer a better experience. You can expect intense fun and an intense variety. But, it is going to be expensive at the same time. Visiting a land-based casino is less convenient than if you are a regular gambler and it feels boring.

And, at this time, the rise of mobile casino online platforms is getting high based on higher convenience rate, variety of casino games, credibility, and many other factors. One of the popular casino portals can easily enhance your gameplay and overall experience. It is all about choosing the right casino software to have great fun. Choosing the right casino portal might be tricky but going with a popular casino software provider seems easier.

Here we made a list of the top five mobile casino software providers which are widely popular for higher credibility, positive reviews, and great demand. Let’s check them out –

1. NetEnt

After getting intense popularity in the development of smartphone casino games, NetEnt becomes the best one in the tricky gameplay category. You can find that Play The Invisible Man, Play Lost Island, Play Wild Rockets, Play Twin Spin, and many other games have millions of download hits on Google Play Store as well as on Apple App Store.

These games are also available for Facebook, MacOS, and Microsoft windows. So, you are not going to lack connectivity to such popular titles. These games are also working on virtual currencies and you have to win as if you want to get more. The other option to gain more virtual currency is using the in-game purchase options.

The key emphasis regarding smartphone titles helped this developer gain 40% of revenue. Well, the numbers are high and their casino apps keep on getting intense demand. If you want something mobile-friendly and you want to have great fun then going with NetEnt games is the best choice so far.

2. Playtech

With the number of amazing slot machine casino games, Playtech earned second place on our list. They have a range of amazing slot machines and casino games for most gaming platforms. You can download their latest titles on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Web-based portals, and mac OS as well.

Easy-to-play games, simple UI, and high-end graphics ensure that you love the development. The best thing about Playtech is, they adopt the new style, and coming up with fascinating graphics or playing styles makes them better. You can download their flash games and start enjoying a great experience.

If you are playing the game and you have no virtual currencies, you can use real money to buy in-game digital currency. By this, you can learn to play casinos and earn a big amount. You also get free tokens if you sign up for the newsletter, log into the game every day, and refer to a friend. So, interactive gameplay is a key quality to attract most gamers.

3. Microgaming

Started in 1994, Microgaming has such a long history in casino software development. This much time of developing software in the same field makes them quite experienced as two decades are phenomenal. This development company operates around the globe and they have developed more than 800 game sets in the past.

The best part is regarding the new developments from Microgaming. They are working on a range of new ideas to introduce a new style of the casino. As they have a UKGC license, they can publish most of their casino titles around the globe and every casino lover can try them out. The smooth shift to the latest trends and introducing new rules is the best part about this company.

The quality of graphics among Microgaming Developments is top-notch. And, they are offering software, and games for iOS, Android, Web-based portals, and more. The variety and compatibility is the main reason that you can consider Microgaming over the other options available online.

  1. International Game Technology

IGT, also known as International Game Technology, is probably the best casino game developer so far. They have gained a reputation making some of the best land-based casinos and they have a pretty good experience with working on slot machines and other gambling titles. The user-interface among IGT games is tempting and makes you become addicted to the game.

There are several titles from IGT which have more than a million download hits and there are thousands of active users on a daily basis. They are developing flash mobile games that can run on a smartphone, as well as on web-based portals like Facebook. The wide portfolio and revenue earned in smartphone games is a clear example that IGT is such a big name.

Despite this developer being ranked fourth on our list, the interactive gameplay and the demand for their new titles are really high. Among all the names that we mentioned in this list, IGT holds some of the best casino game titles.

  1. NextGen Gaming

Started in 1999, Nextgen is a popular mobile game developer based in Australia. This developer isn’t lacking behind when it comes to mobile casino games. Even on such small-sized screens, NextGen is getting way more attention and the demand keeps rising. If you compare all the casino portals, you can find that most of them are powered by NextGen.

The reason behind such demand is interactive gameplay and vivid graphics. These games don’t freeze, have an unbiased interface and provide the best features in all kinds. There are a range of casino titles that you can download from the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. Most of them are developed by NextGen gaming.

The Bottom Line

These five casino software developers are known for their high-end developments, interactive gameplay, unbiased algorithms, and excellent customer support. You can choose any of the casino games from these developers and you will have great fun playing them.

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