A Very Rare UK Telephonist (Mobile Phone Industry) Domain Name

Telephonist.uk was previously used by one of Britain's Top Mobile Telecommunications Companies - and is now available for Sale.

Telephonist.uk was previously used by one of Britain’s Top Mobile Telecommunications Companies – and is now available for Sale.

Do you consider yourself to be a Modern Day (High Tech) Digital Nomad; of the Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Media) Kind of (Future Multi-Billionaire) Caliber ?

Have you ever wanted to Launch your very own, British-Based, Virtual Office Conglomerate, or your very own International Telecommunications Empire; or even your very own, High End, UK-Domiciled, Global Call Center Network?

Look No Further – A (Relatively) Simple Solution is currently at Hand : But you will have to move rather Quickly (indeed) ; before the Advertised (Selling) Price (Suddenly) Goes Up (Again) !

Telephonist.uk is one of the United Kingdom’s Most Exclusive Internet Domain Names; having previously been used by a Popular Telecommunications Provider within the Mobile Phone Industry.

It is a Very Good (Branding) Option for UK Call Center (or Telephone Services) Business ; within the British Telephone Services Industry.

It is also (Very) Suitable for an International (Multinational Offshore) VIP Virtual Office Company; with a Branch in the UK (etc).

This is a Direct Sale by the Owner – who has legally owned it for the Past 2 Decades (or so).

It was legally acquired after the previous owner Left the UK (and after His Successor had unilaterally chosen a Different Domain Name Brand).

The Seller is a (Private) Domain Name Collector; and currently has a wide selection of Rare (Internet) Domain Names for Sale.

A Portion of the Proceeds (and Profits), from this Sale, will be directly routed to a wide range of Charitable Causes; via eBay.

(Online Offers are Now Open at https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/ailments ).

Apart from Superior Internet Domain Names for Websites and Blogs, there are also a Wide Selection of (Used) Laptop Computers which are currently for Charitable Sale; including a Linx 14 Ultra Slim (Gold Colored) Laptop which comes with its own Box, Charger, Mouse & Papers. It also has an inbuilt Webcam (Web Camera) for Zoom, Skype and Video Conferencing.

This is an Amazing VIP Laptop which handles a lot of heavy duty programs with ease, and is excellent for University Students, Entertainers and Businesses.

It’s relevant Technical Specifications are as follows :

Processor: 64-Bit Intel® Pentium™ N4200


Weight: Only 1300 Grams (1.3KG).

Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 505

Screen Type: 14 inch Widescreen HD

Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD/16:9)

Hard Drive: 64GB

Wireless Connection: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0

Battery Life: Up to 6 hours

Operating System: Windows 10


1 x USB 3.0

1 x USB 2.0

1 x 3.5mm headphone jack

This Lovely (and Light) Ultraslim Pentium Laptop from Linx features a super-slim aluminum design with a 14 inch, high definition widescreen display, 4GB of Ram and USB ports at the sides. The perfect all-rounder for those who want it all, this portable, sleek laptop allows you to effortlessly organize your screen and seamlessly manage everything from your documents to your entertainment, so you can work hard and play hard.

It is fully equipped with Windows 10 (Operating System) and a 64-bit Intel Pentium processor. This laptop has certainly got you covered, whether you want to work all day and send out emails, scroll through your social media feed or watch your favorite box set.

It is Perfectly portable – as it’s ultra-slim, lightweight aluminum design will slot neatly in your work bag or under your arm to take with you wherever you want to go, and it even comes in Gold Color to complement your Trendy Professional Style.

It also helps you to Stay productive : With the sleek in-built USB ports at the sides, you can easily plug your external hard drive into it for even more storage space, or you can expand the existing 64GB of storage with MicroSD or SSD cards .

On a different level to the aforementioned Golden Colored Laptop, there is also a Big Black Dell Vostro 1510 (Business Grade) Laptop Computer; which is Surplus to their Requirements; due to the arrival of a set of New (Business) Computers.

It effortlessly runs on Windows 10 Software, comes with a Charger + Mouse – and is Large, Tough and Durable. In fact, it is an Ideal Business (Back Up) Computer for almost any Type of Commercial Entity; most especially as it also comes with a 15.4 inch (1280×800) LCD Screen, 4 Different USB Ports, 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo (Dual Core CPU), 4GB RAM, a 500GB Hard Drive, internal NVidia Geforce 8400M GS Graphics Software, together with an Extra 256MB of dedicated RAM (Capable of playing games such as Portal 2), etc.

Furthermore – There are Lots and Lots of other Trendy Little Gadgets for Sale; in addition to the existence of a Wide Range of Online Business Career Opportunities for those wishing to pursue a (Part-Time) Career (or Side Hustle) in Digital Healthcare Marketing.

If buying the Domain Name is Not Enough for you – and you are also seeking a Permanent Physical Location in the UK (with Lots and Lots of Passing Customers and Signage Opportunities) – then Today might really be your Lucky Day.

Incidentally (Apart from other Landed Property in Greater London and North Wales) – the very same eBay Seller is also currently Selling a Trendy Little Plot of Freehold Land (with Kiosk) in between 2 Busy Bus Stops in Cardiff, the Capital City of Wales ( CF24 2HB)

Although Cardiff is (Most Certainly) Not either Kensington or Chelsea : It still has a Unique and Highly Desirable (Welsh) Allure to It.

It’s All About The Time , The Money , The Good Standard Of Residential Living , The High Quality Of Residential Life , The Added (Residential) Flexibility , The Additional Commercial Add-Ons , The (Extra) Lifetime (Rental) Income Opportunities from (Separate ) Tiny Commercial Kiosks on the Ancillary Unbuilt (Non-Residential) Areas – and Almost Everything Else (In-Between Them All).

This particular plot has its own wooden gate, off-street parking, vehicle access, storage space, kiosk, hedging trees and driveway. The site measures approximately 0.1 acres in size and is best described as being a compact urban jungle of exotic shrubs, vegetables and fruit trees, all of which have been freely allowed to grow without substantial restriction, over the past 100 years or so.

Situated on the site are the foundations of a detached pre-1928 building, plus other conspicuous areas which are all quite ideal for the locating of a brand new set of kiosks, or the strategic positioning of a lucrative mobile business like a newsagents shop, sub post office, cafe, grocery, salon, pet grooming parlor, gallery, street food canteen, corner shop or a taxi hub etc.

A (detached) spare yellow (grp) fiberglass vending kiosk has also already been located on the property for many years, and it can easily be moved onto the derelict (partially burned out) remnants of the Pre-1928 foundations, if so desired.

Utilities are located very close by and can all be easily connected in the future. There is also the further addition of a separate small piece of Freehold Ransom (Wayleaves) Land nearby, right beside a very busy bus stop, that furthermore has the potential for the siting of yet another detached kiosk of similar size to the tiny little gray kiosk which is already on site or even for the alternative siting (transplantation) of the yellow grp kiosk which was mentioned earlier on in this piece (kindly see above).

The Main Business Features and Key Commercial Selling Points of this Absolutely Fabulous Cardiff City Property are as follows :

* A Very Modern (Contemporary), Detached, Semi-Commercial or Semi-Residential (Live-Work) Unit, with Eclectic ‘Under-Parking’, has now been proposed by a Forward-Thinking EU Architect.

* This is a strategically sited portion of Freehold Land in a Beautiful Area of ​​Cardiff.

* Major Service Utilities are already Located at the Various Boundaries of the Plot (Water, Electric, Television, Cable, Gas, Sewage, Phone and Internet) etc. They only need to be connected by the relevant Service (Utility) Companies.

* It comprises of approximately 0.1 Acres of Open (Green) Space in 2 Different FREEHOLD Parts, with a Narrow Tract of Land connecting them.

* For Example : The Larger Part can be used for a Contemporary Prefabricated Modular Home (To Live In).

* For Example : The Smaller Part (right beside the Local Bus Stop) can be used for a Contemporary Prefabricated Modular (Street-side) Shop or (Street-side) Kiosk or (Street-side) Office (To Work In).

* For Example : The Narrow (Connecting Tract between the 2 Aforementioned Parts) can be used for a Wide Range of HIGHLY VISIBLE Contemporary (Street-Side) Road Signage and Advertising Billboards etc.

* A (Pre-Fabricated) Kiosk is already on Site, as are the Derelict Foundations of an Old (pre-1928) Building.

* It is relatively close (in terms of walking or cycling) to Cardiff Central Train Station.

* Car Driving usually only takes about 9 minutes to get to Cardiff Central Train Station.

* Vehicle Access is via a Gated Entrance with Off-Street (Vehicle) Parking Facilities for One Car.

* It is located between 2 Busy Bus Stops and has Good Potential for Development.

* Nice Homes are nearby, as lots of Professionals Live (and Work) in Pengam Green.

* There are Plenty of Safe Places to Park Cars (or Vans) in front of it, as it lies in a cul-de-sac.

* A Massive Park, a GP Surgery and a Popular Sports Ground are also beside it.


* A Mobile Cafe (Portable Street Food Canteen) appears to be a popular suggestion.

* Other suggestions include Glamping Pods, Corner Shops, Offices and Signage.

* Another possibility is a Mini Arcade of Quaint Victorian (or Edwardian) Kiosks.

* Other possibilities include a Sub Post Office, a Salon, a Fashion House or a Spa.

* Of course it could also be used as a Creative Space (or a Social Networking Hub).

* Or maybe a Local Community Radio Station, a Music Recording Studio, an Tiny Amphitheater or a Local Community Television Studio.

* The opportunities (and possibilities) in such a Trendy area are (Absolutely) Endless.

For the Record: The starting price of this particular (Cardiff City) Property is cheaper than what currently appears on Zoopla, Rightmove, PrimeLocation, OnTheMarket, plus countless other Property Marketing Networks.

( Online Offers for the Cardiff Kiosk are Now Also Open at https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/ailments ).


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