8 Coolest Mobile Games in 2023

Compiling a definitive list of top mobile games is difficult; some could even say it’s reckless. We’re talking about a procedure that spans over a dozen years and hundreds of thousands of iOS and Android games.

What top mobile apps would you recommend to a newbie who wants a crash lesson in gaming? We’re not necessarily aiming for sleeper hits or even underdogs with this peculiar vetting criteria. We’re looking back at the classics that helped define their respective genres and left an indelible mark on the evolution of mobile gaming. Including all the top apps and games from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store that professionals from https://casinoreviewers.com/au/bonus/free-spins/ recommend, this is an accurate greatest-hits collection.

Our only stipulation is that the game must be fun and relevant in the present day. Since we can only pick one game from each series, we’ll pick the one that started it rather than the best one.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Seasoned players often look down on gacha role-playing games with disdain. Still, there are a surprising amount of players, with Raid: Shadow Legends being the 800-pound gorilla of this beloved/hated genre. Dealing with it is inevitable.

When you’re accompanied on every PVE campaign quest and PVP Arena scrap by eye-popping 3D graphics and screen-filling fireworks, it’s hard to look away.

Mech Arena

From the creators of Raid: Shadow Legends comes a game that doesn’t mess around: Mech Arena. You and other players pilot mech suits and battle them out in arenas, with various mech customization options and additional features unlocked through grinding.

It’s not a complicated idea, but it’s a fun game to plunge into whenever you need straightforward excitement. The game has responsive controls and exciting, varied battles, and it lets you test your mettle in various environments, from outposts in the desert to moon bases and Japanese cities. The visual style is similar to that of Overwatch, so fans of that game will also appreciate this one.

Mafia City

Many readers will undoubtedly be familiar with Mafia City thanks to the extensive advertising effort that preceded it. You’ll enjoy this game, which features a compelling narrative about rising through the ranks to become a new mafia boss and an innovative blend of strategy gameplay.

It’s very neat that, unlike in other strategy games, you’re in charge of a criminal organization in a real-world metropolis rather than one set in the past or the fantastic. Buildings can be constructed at your discretion to gain access to additional resources and allow you to train a wider variety of units. The next step is deciding if you want to play with friends in a collaborative setting, where everyone helps one another build up their empires, or if you’re going to play in a competitive setting, where you fight to the death to eradicate any opponents in your path.

Forge of Empires

This multifaceted, free-to-play mobile strategy game does not disappoint. To begin with, you get the pride of establishing your colony, which you may shape and grow in any way you see fit by investing your hard-earned money in whatever forms of study most interest you. Plus, you get to watch it travel through several historical eras before entering the fantastical future of science fiction. In addition, you’ll get to fight off enemy nations in exciting turn-based strategy warfare.

Forge of Empires has many amazing features, making it the kind of game you’ll play for hundreds of hours and keep coming back to. It’s highly addictive in all the best ways, and it’s a must-play for any strategy or history buffs out there.

Rise of Cultures

This is indeed the second Innogames title on this list, but we pledge to branch out soon, and this game justifiably earns its place here. So, what exactly sets Rise of Cultures apart from other similar works?

Like its predecessor, Forge of Empires (Innogames are brilliant at stuff like this), Rise of Cultures is a game about constructing a civilization that evolves and spreads across multiple historical epochs.

Not only can you pick and choose which cultures to promote within your civilization, but you also have complete authority over every one of its citizens, allowing you to design optimal work schedules for them (complete with breaks) and send them forth to improve your city in any way you see fit.

Epic Seven

Do you enjoy a good anime movie? Do you find nothing more thrilling than the anticipation of playing a gacha game where the outcome is entirely unpredictable? So, then, try out Epic Seven. To advance through the story in this free-to-play game, you must assemble a squad of heroes and lead them into turn-based RPG fights.

When you factor in the game’s fascinating story and well-executed animation sequences, you’re left with something as captivating as it is engrossing.

Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles

It’s true that crossword puzzles probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of your favorite mobile games, but that’s the beauty of mobile gaming: it includes just about everything, even casual games like Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles and this is one of the very best of its kind.

We doubt there’s much need to explain this game, as it’s precisely what it claims to be: a daily crossword puzzle app. You can watch advertisements for clues (if you don’t consider that cheating) and purchase in-game currency to play additional puzzles. It’s incredibly easy to use, and if you’re looking for a word game to pass the time on public transportation, it’s hard to find a better option than this one.

Hero Wars

You may have heard of the game Hero Wars before, as advertisements for it are widely dispersed. A major flaw is that they give an inaccurate impression of Hero Wars by focusing on a small subset of the game, the puzzle of the sliding door. But the game’s core is still a lot of fun to play.

This game takes a familiar approach to mobile gaming, with players assembling a group of heroes and following them as they explore dungeons. If they aren’t strong enough, you’ll either have to put in the time and effort to grind and improve them, or you’ll have to put in the time and effort to unlock heroes who might be better suited to the challenge. People who play this game will quickly realize that it has become an integral part of their lives.

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