Best mobile postpaid plans for those on a budget as of January 2023


Since 5G is becoming more of a thing, many might feel it’s a good time to consider changing their mobile plans. We’ve already discussed the good-value options for mobile prepaid plans. But what about postpaid plans?

Those who subscribe to postpaid plans probably have a stable monthly income. Of course, we Malaysians are always on the lookout for the best deal. So with that in mind, below is a list of what we consider best mobile postpaid plans for those on a budget as of January 2023.

Best postpaid options under RM60

As you know, postpaid plans tend to be pricier than their prepaid counterparts. Still, you could reliably find good postpaid plans that are considered affordable. By affordable, we mean plans that are under RM60/month. In this category, you’re typically looking at simpler options that focus on plenty of data for a good fee.

For instance, Digi’s Postpaid 60 plan currently provides 40GB of data for RM60/month. The U Mobile U Postpaid 38 plan offers just 30GB of data, but it is more affordable at RM38/month and provides access to 5G. If you want 5G access, you can also consider the Yes Infinite Basic (RM58/month) and Unifi Ultimate Plan (RM59/month). For a summary, check out the list below.

  • Digi Postpaid 60 (RM60/month) – 40GB 4G data, unlimited calls, RM0.10/SMS, free 10GB Quota for 12 months, unlimited social media, unlimited video streaming
  • U Mobile U Postpaid 38 (RM38/month) – 30GB 4G/5G data, unlimited calls
  • Yes Infinite Basic (RM58/month) – Unlimited 4G/5G, uncapped speed, unlimited calls, 10GB wireless hotspot
  • Unifi Ultimate Plan (RM59/month) – Unlimited 4G/5G data, unlimited calls, unlimited SMS, 10GB wireless hotspot

Best postpaid options under RM100

Next would be the RM60-100 range, which also has good options if you’re willing to spend a bit more every month. In this range, you’ll start seeing more options with lots of value-added features. This includes extra data for video streaming, social media, and cloud gaming. Some plans don’t have these extra features but offer plenty of data to compensate.

If you’re a fan of the features, you can consider the Maxis Postpaid 98 (RM98/month). It gives 50GB of data, live football matches via Sooka, Viu Premium access, and more. You could also opt for the MEGA Lightning 80 (RM80/month) from Celcom for the 1-month TVBAnywhere+ access if you love TVB dramas. It also gives you free VR content and free 1-month Blacknut Cloud Gaming.

But for those who just want more data, our suggestion is to check out Digi or U Mobile. The U Mobile U Postpaid 98 (RM98/month) offers a whopping 1000GB 4G/5G data, more than enough for you to binge Netflix for hours on end. If you don’t need that much data, the Digi Postpaid 90 (RM75/month) could be a good option as it also has 60GB of data and 300 SMS for free. You can check out our recommendations in the list below.

  • Maxis Postpaid 98 (RM98/month) – 50GB high-speed data, unlimited calls, unlimited SMS, free access to Sooka, free Viu Premium, unlimited data roaming (RM3.30/day)
  • Celcom MEGA Lightning 80 (RM80/month) – 50GB high-speed data, 1x VR content, 1-month Blacknut Cloud Gaming, 1-month TVBAnywhere+, unlimited calls, free 5G access (limited time)
  • Digi Postpaid 90 (RM75/month) – 60GB high-speed data, unlimited calls, 300 free SMS, 5G upgrade available, free 10GB Quota for 12 months, RM15 x 12mth rebate (limited time)
  • U Mobile U Postpaid 68 (RM68/month) – 100GB high-speed data (4G/5G), unlimited calls, 15GB global roaming, free incoming calls when abroad
  • U Mobile U Postpaid 98 (RM98/month) – 1000GB high-speed data (4G/5G), unlimited calls, 15GB global roaming, free incoming calls when abroad
celcom_megalightning80.jpg maxis_postpaid98.jpg



Please note that some of these plans are currently running promotions, so the rates or features may not be the same later on. If you’re interested in what they have now on offer but need more details, then you should visit the websites of the respective telco companies.

With that said, what do you think about the plans listed? Are these the options you’d go for? Share your comments on our Facebook page, and stay tuned to this space on TechNave as we’ll keep you updated about the best value postpaid mobile plans in Malaysia every month.

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