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YUKI brings the frantic fun of Ikaruga to VR

VR provides an opportunity for developers and designers to design games and experiences with a fresh take on a genre. Sometimes that’s as simple as putting a player behind the controls in a different or new perspective. Other times, it lets developers go wild and completely shake up a genre by completely recontextualizing established core mechanics or form-factor.

YUKI, ARVORE Interactive’s take on “bullet hell” games like Ikaruga or Touhou, falls largely in the middle of these two philosophies. Yes, there are dozens of non-VR games like it and no, it does not go out of its way to re-invent the wheel, but the ways it does change the genre lend a more personal, frantic sense of precision and tension that you won’t always get from playing similar games on a flat-screen. That’s why we’ve chosen it as our latest pick for the Oculus Quest 2 game of the week.

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